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In the morning of July 6 (June 8 – Nham Dan), the Provincial Board of Directors of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha and his followers held a memorial ceremony to honor the late monk Thich Nguyen Tu entering the stupa on the premises of Bao Lam Pagoda. Lien Tri village, Binh Kien commune, Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen).

Proving the ceremony with Venerable Thich Tam Thuy, Most Venerable Thich Quang Phat co-evidencing the Executive Board of the Provincial Buddhist Sangha; Most Venerable Thich Dong Tien, Head of the Executive Committee of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha province; religious leaders on the Standing Board of the Executive Board of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha together with the venerable monks and nuns representing the Buddhist Governing Board of districts, towns and cities; The abbots of monasteries inside and outside the province prayed together.

Commemoration Ceremony of Venerable Thich Nguyen Tu

On the government side, there were: Mr. Nguyen Hoa Phuong, Deputy Head of the Religious Affairs Committee of Phu Yen province; Mr. Le Tan Hung, Deputy Head of PA02 Division of Provincial Public Security and leaders of local agencies and departments.

In a dignified and peaceful atmosphere, Most Venerable Thich Dong Tien read a condolence eulogy of the Provincial Executive Board of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha. The Venerable Master also recalled the salient features of the late Venerable Thich Nguyen Tu’s behavior, the great merits he had contributed to the Church.

Most Venerable Thich Dong Tien reads the eulogy

Most Venerable Thich Dong Tien reads the eulogy

At the memorial ceremony, Venerable Thich Quang Dao, on behalf of the Funeral Organizing Committee and representatives of the Dharma disciples, offered gratitude to the religious leaders and venerables who paid attention to and taught the funeral of the achievements. satisfied.

After that, the Zen virtues respectfully offered incense to commemorate the late Giac Linh Most Venerable Thich Nguyen Tu, and prayed to the Most Venerable Giac Linh for the highest rank.

Representatives of Dharma disciples offer their condolences

Representatives of Dharma disciples offer their condolences

Closing the commemoration ceremony, Most Venerable Thich Thien Dao declared the Dharma language and celebrated the ceremony of waving the ceiling; Dharma disciples offered incense bowls, relics, dragon tastes, robes and the mass to serve the late Monk Kim Quan, leaving Giac Linh hall and entering the stupa at the Bao Lam temple campus in the chanting of Buddha’s name.



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