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‘Just a leaf in hand’ – is a collection of useful sharings and instructions for a good lifestyle, a path of meditation with equanimity, mindfulness and awareness. All are drawn from the experience of contemporary teachers and the author’s own practice experience.

As a computer engineer, over the years, the author’s path to becoming a lay teacher not only brings peace and happiness to himself, but also spreads good energy to others. readers of nearly 20 works and translations imbued with his Buddhist spirit. He also participated and organized many Dharma talks, sharing and mindfulness meditation sessions in the United States.

This book contains many small stories, divided into six parts. Each section will lead us to understand what is the practice of mindfulness and awareness. It is a pure way of seeing reality – “touching the ground” to realize that everything we desire is just around us, no need to look far away. It’s also a very simple and natural way of seeing-knowing, not just limited to a sitting position or a meditation hall.

Heal Depression with Meditation, Love and Forgiveness

Book title developed from a dictionary of Buddha, said that compared with the countless leaves in the forest, his teachings were only about full “a handful of leaves in hand”. What we need to know, what we need to learn and practice to put an end to suffering, adds up to just that, and only needs our experience to be clear.

Just holding the leaves in our hands like a bell of awakening re-illuminates our true body and mind, making us realize that letting go is not an attitude of indifference and surrender, but rather not being attached to the desires of something. I am narrow. Letting go It’s not about letting go of all suffering to find happiness, but fully embracing and tolerant of everything.

With gentle words, each page in Just holding leaves in hand is a cool breeze of the spirit Mindfulness and peaceful heart.

Minh Tanh Nguyen Duy Nhien is a computer engineer, currently living in the Northeast of the United States.

He is also the author and translator of more than 20 books on meditation practice applied in daily life published in Vietnam. His works and translations have become the bedside books of many yogis, inspiring a life of mindfulness, awareness and love.

Typical works and translations: Don’t look for mountains in the mountains; Do not deviate from the present; Buddha inside (translated by Nguyen Duy Nhien); 30 days of meditation (Joseph Goldstein – Nguyen Duy Nhien translation); Meditation of the mind, the first mind (Translated by Shunryu Suzuki – Nguyen Duy Nhien).


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