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When something makes us suffer, we should compare it with similar things. This helps you to have a better insight into how to relieve suffering, attachment and find joy.

I would like to tell you two cases: Once, a Buddhist came to tell us, she had a daughter who often went to the temple to do meritorious deeds and often followed the nuns to do social charity. She complains that her daughter travels too much, not taking care of the housework. At that time, I told her about a Buddhist girl who asked me to advise her daughter at the temple to practice and do meritorious deeds. This woman complains that at home, she refuses to study, often skips school to follow her friends. She was very distressed because she advised him not to listen, afraid that he would fall into the trap of youth. After listening to my story, the first Buddhist girl felt happy and happy with her daughter, continuing to create favorable conditions for her daughter to follow the nuns to do charity.


Another time, a Buddhist lady also came to complain to me, that since her husband knew how to go to the temple, he has come home without doing anything, only chanting and reciting the Buddha’s name. I told her that she is very fortunate to have a husband who knows how to practice. I told the story of another Buddhist who came to us to help her husband drink less. She said that every time he came home from drinking, he cursed his wife and children, disturbed his neighbors, and caused trouble for everyone. Now she just wants him to go to the temple, know how to practice and amend, she is willing to go to work to have money to send to the temple to support him. Hearing me say that, the other Buddhist girl showed sympathy for her husband.

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