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During the Summer Retreat for 300 young people, at Phap Minh Pagoda (Giong Lon Hamlet, My Hanh Nam Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province), on the morning of July 13, 2022, President Thich Nhat Tu was had profound words through the topic: “Life is a journey”.

The theme of this Youth Retreat is “Sowing seeds of compassion”. Thus, in order for the seed of compassion in us to flower and bear brilliant and good fruit, we must pay attention to planting and taking care of it. The Venerable has borrowed the image of a grain of rice to evoke things worth pondering. Rice seeds when sown, over time with care, plowing, fertilizing, pumping water, spraying pesticides, etc., plus good weather and climate conditions, will help farmers have a abundant crops. Therefore, it can be seen that in order to achieve good results after planting a certain seed, besides effort, perseverance, patience and maintaining the implementation of the correct method, we also need to find the support, good conditions, favorable conditions to help it grow positively. Because if there is an adversarial situation, the time to achieve the result will be longer or it may not bring the desired result. Anything sown in life takes time to bear fruit and if favorable factors are ignored, it will never be able to reap great results.

The same applies to cultivating the two qualities of loving-kindness and compassion. Compassion is deep sympathy for grandparents, parents, siblings, relatives, … or the less fortunate, those who are battered by suffering and pain in life. And loving-kindness is the feeling and commitment to bring joy, happiness, smiles, and good life values ​​to others. These two seeds require us to plant throughout a human life to create our own life purpose, lifestyle and life values. If we live without shaping and orienting ourselves on what we live for, what we live for, live for meaning and benefit, then we are no different from wanderers, wandering in the unknown. futile. Therefore, we must actively and diligently cultivate and care to preserve and develop these seeds of holiness. Only then can we become strong, tall trees that bring compassion, peace, and happiness to ourselves and others.


The second, equally important thing is the learning journey. From the moment we were born crying, each of us had to start learning, from learning to speak, learning to eat, learning to move, learning to play, to learning to acquire knowledge, learning life experiences, learning to be human, … from yourself, parents, relatives, teachers, friends and everyone around. It can be said that during a human life, the knowledge that we learn, absorb and accumulate is extremely modest, it is just like a tiny grain of sand in the vast and endless knowledge desert of humanity. . Therefore, in order to be successful in career and in life, we need to constantly strive to study every day to increase our knowledge.


As a human being, born in the Desire Realm, it is difficult to avoid love and affection. But at the age of teenagers, you should prioritize your studies and maintain a pure friendship, mutual affection, support and help each other to advance in your studies. You should not let love dominate your studies and cause your school performance to decline or decline. In addition, we need to protect ourselves, avoid letting temptations, desires, temporary curiosity about love, sex control our minds and cause unfortunate or even terrible consequences. serious. The most painful is leading to abortion, breaking the precept to kill, killing an innocent being. When I was an adult, I thought about love and marriage. Because at that time, I was temporarily called mature enough, aware enough, and skilled enough to be able to establish, maintain and develop good social relationships. And when you set up a family, choose for yourself a partner who is beautiful in terms of quality, morality, and personality, so that you can live happily and happily for a lifetime. Because the beauty of the appearance will fade with time only.


The last thing that almost everyone cares about in life is the career journey. To have a stable and stable career, we must invest in our studies to the end, at least to get a bachelor’s degree. Education is not the only door to success, but it is a safe, sure path for us to easily reach the success we desire. You need to use the right learning and working methods and seriously persevere, persevere, and not give up to achieve high efficiency and great success. In addition, take the failures, exploits, harm, battering, humiliation, … that others bring to you or the difficulties and challenges in life to make lessons and experiences of blood and blood. It is a strong source of motivation for oneself to rise up, forging, forging endurance and inner bravery for oneself. Only then will we have the capacity to create a stable and bright career for ourselves, contributing to contribute positive, happy and good values ​​to this life.


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