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You and I, no matter what relationship we are in, need to cherish every chance we meet in life, and remember to treat them wholeheartedly. Because once it’s over, it’s unlikely to have a chance to meet again.

In life, each of us participates and plays many roles in different relationships. Based on properties, there are some basic relationships such as:

1. Leaving immediately cut off, is a working relationship

The ancients once said: Associating for profit, all benefits will fall apart; back and forth by force, defeat is the end; Attached by authority, lost rights will become alien. These relationships need to be carefully faced, then leave, no need to bother.

2. There’s something new that comes to mind, it’s an exploitative relationship

There is a saying: In front of the house, there is no sign of poverty, new relatives and friends visit! In this world, many people see you succeed and immediately ask for help; If you encounter difficulties, you will not see anyone you know. For such people, helping to do good is fine, don’t expect it, nor do you need to go back and forth much.

3. There is no need to have a date, it’s a friendship relationship

People living in this world need to have friends, because they need to be shared and loved. Friends give us a feeling of existence and worth, having a place to turn to when we need it, someone to listen to when we want to express it. The person who can hold an umbrella to cover the rain and wind, can protect himself or silently accompany him, can

go over long distances or often remind them, called you. Friends like that, not much needed and indispensable in life, help me feel warm and comforted my soul, even though I’m not of the same bloodline.

Fate is also impermanent

4. Constantly texting back and forth, it’s an above-average relationship

Because it is considered close, we often talk. How many people understand: People often ask “have you eaten?”, “it’s raining, do you have a raincoat?…” because they are very interested and want to say a few words to you. People who often say “when you have time, let’s meet a little” which is not that they are idle, but just want to meet you. Relationships of this kind, if they do not want to go further, need to be openly expressed, and when they are willing to go back and forth, they should be sincerely cultivated.

5. Shredded rice and tea is a husband and wife relationship

No matter how much money or little money, as long as the family is in harmony, there is laughter, respect and care, the cold rice and tea will also have its own delicious taste. Life, which starts from everyday trifles, shows happiness in every present moment, not waiting for the next day. Couples or families, as long as the two words “love” are present, anything can be overcome.

6. Distance doesn’t matter, it’s a blood relationship

Time and distance prevent more or less affection between people, only the blood relationship is not divided. But even if they are relatives, they also need to foster affection and help each other. Because if there is no gratitude, no intimate connection, over time, it will not have much to do with each other anymore.

7. Giving without return is a mother-child relationship

Silent sacrifices, unlimited giving, are only available to parents. Their love is an unfathomable affection, much less fully compensated. It is forever a peaceful shelter for children to rely on when they are weak, the only relationship in the world, which should be cherished!

Usually, the older we get, the lonelier it becomes, the more difficult it is to have someone by our side when we need it, the more difficult it is to build a simple carefree relationship. So you and I, no matter what relationship we are in, need to cherish all the opportunities we meet in life, and remember to treat them wholeheartedly. Because once it’s over, it’s unlikely to have a chance to meet again.


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