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Kimchi mushroom, also known as kimchi mushroom, is a fresh mushroom, white in color, and has a characteristic aroma, often used in many dishes, especially vegetarian dishes. The shape of kimchi mushrooms is likened to a “giant bean sprout”.

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The vegetarian dish of kimchi mushroom fried with deep-fried seaweed stimulates everyone’s taste buds.

Fresh kimchi mushrooms are white and shiny, the body is not slimy or dark brown, not crushed and the base of the mushroom is not split or broken.

According to Mandala food, in addition to using kimchi mushrooms to stir-fry, cook hotpot, and cook soup, the dish “Kimchi mushroom rolls with deep-fried seaweed”, the snack team is sure to love.

Ingredients to prepare: kimchi mushrooms, seaweed, deep-fried flour, chili sauce or roasted sesame sauce.


Step 1: Remove the root of needle mushroom, wash and dry.

Step 2: Crispy fried dough, a small package, add a little water, slowly have a thick consistency. Add in a small handful of white or black sesame seeds.

Step 3: Seaweed cut into a rectangle just enough to wrap the mushrooms.

Step 4: Divide the mushrooms into small branches, roll the seaweed around the mushroom legs, take some deep-fried flour mixed with water to keep it from falling apart. Repeat until the end.

Step 5: Prepare hot oil, dip mushrooms in flour and fry. Fry on medium heat, when the mushrooms are golden, take them out

That’s it, let’s put the results on a plate and enjoy.

Can vegetarians eat eggs?

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