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On July 15, 2022, TT. Dr. Thich Giac Hoang organized for Buddhists in the Vihara, Buddhists from the capital Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, HCMC Ha Long and some other localities come to worship the Buddha and make offerings to the monks at 6 seclusion schools in Thanh Hoa province on the occasion of the holiday season. 2566.

It is known that this year’s Retreat season in the joy of going to the Buddhist Congress of Thanh Hoa Province and the National Buddhist Congress, Thanh Hoa has a total of 156 monks and nuns participating in detention at 6 schools such as: Department of Thanh Ha pagoda; Dai Bi Pagoda; Linh Canh pagoda; Khai Nam pagoda; Tuong Van Pagoda and Khanh Quang Pagoda.

The delegation of monks and Buddhists from Linh Son Monastery has come to schools in the province to create merits, make offerings, and help the monks and nuns to study and study at the same time TT. Giac Hoang also guides and explains to Buddhists a deep understanding of the Summer Seclusion. This is the practice of monastics in the 3 summer months, with special important value for Buddhist monks, 3 months of Sangha together study, cultivate Precepts – Concentration – Tue, live together in spirit. Concord, strict precepts, mutual encouragement, each season of seclusion will be the age of a bhikkhu. This is also a convenient time for lay people to have the opportunity to get close to the monks to study the Dharma and create merits and blessings through making offerings to the Sangha.

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At each school campus, the Ha Ha Group held a Tac Bach ceremony to offer gifts including fresh flowers, food, and natural resources. At each place, the delegation was warmly welcomed and invited to visit by the monks and nuns in the Ha Ha school’s guest committee. thousands of years old ancient monasteries of Thanh’s Buddhism, chanting the time of the dedication of merit, praying for the blessings of the Three Jewels to protect the Venerable Master, the monks in the delegation and the families of the Buddhists as well as Every home is always peaceful, healthy, and everything is auspicious.

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TT. Thich Tam Dinh – Permanent Deputy of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha BTS in Thanh Hoa province, welcomed the delegation and sent his deep gratitude to TT. Giac Hoang, although working in the Buddhist church, the Venerable Master also took time to visit the lower school in the province, encourage monks and nuns to study, as well as organize a delegation of Buddhists from Linh Son Vihara to come. make offerings to the monks today, so that the monks and nuns in the Lower School have the conditions to study diligently, minimize the extraversion, and contribute to the settlement of the ashram, contributing to the ever-growing Dharma.


Ending the program of offering to monks at 6 junior high schools in Thanh Hoa province, TT. Thich Giac Hoang praised the merits of the Buddhist members of the Dao Co. who had generated bodhicitta to make offerings. Studying Buddhism and following it Buddha’s teachings is the lifelong work of a Buddhist, in the conduct of charity, making offerings is what lay people should do. The Buddhist ashram of Linh Son Monastery has done that very well today. Cultivating a field of merit in a place of good roots is to rekindle the honest beauty of Vietnamese culture, which will make the country flourish, and the Buddha Dharma perpetuated.

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