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Young people do not practice good karma, how can old people get peaceful results?! Young people don’t know how to let go of attachments and attachments.. how can old people be free and free?!

Youth is looking for a purpose in temporary pleasures, in the form of illusions, sensations, perceptions… few people have good enough grace to find joy in Tue Giac. And so, the stream of karma follows the way of thinking that is trained from the ego, when the unwholesome fruit ripens, it is also the time when life has stood on the edge of the disease-death boundary, then, the soul is blind and afraid. bewildered, do not know how to face the great problems of a person’s life. Then vaguely think of Buddha, God or certain teachers as a god seeking salvation.

Habits are trained from daily thoughts, words, and actions to form Karma.

Happiness will help you to be happy in old age


If every day, each person, instead of caring about worldly pleasures such as money, beauty, clothes, fame, and children, etc., should pay more attention to thoughts, words, and actions. see if it’s clear and perfect, see if it contains greed, anger, greedunwholesome, clinging, clinging or not, the quality of life and the value of one’s life have changed day by day.

Young people do not practice good karma, how can old people get peaceful results?! Youth do not know letting go clinging, clinging.. how can old people be free, leisurely?!

No one can save themselves when each person himself is not aware that it is the behavior of his or her thoughts, words, and actions every day that is capable of doing that.

Shake a human life

Who can find their original heart?

At the end of the lonely road of life and death

Ceiling karma covers the way to the natural shore.


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