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In 2 days, July 16-17, 2022 (on June 18-19 / Nham Dan), Sister Thuong Lien – Abbot of Ngoc Thanh Vihara (Loc Ninh district, Binh Phuoc province) held the Opening Ceremony of the Retreat. Summer for nearly 80 Buddhist children with the theme “Nursing Bodhi Seed” for the 2nd time – 2022.

Proving and attending the ceremony were: Nun Xuan Lien – Permanent UV member of the Executive Board of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, Dong Nai Province, Proving the Retreat; Nun Tue Lien – Head of the Guidance Department; Sister Chieu Lien – Deputy Organizing Committee; Sister Hanh Lien – Deputy Head of the Guidance Department; Hue Loc Buddhists and volunteers in the Organizing Committee, the Camp Management Board, the Teaching Board, the Coordination Committee of the Youth Camp in Loc Phu Commune also attended.

In the opening speech, Sister Thuong Lien said: …Through the Covid 19 pandemic, which lasted for more than 2 years, we have gradually lost the fire of our youth, the enthusiasm of the spirit of serving the cause and benefit of life. Youth is the future generation, inheriting and developing the country. With the desire to propagate the Dharma, and especially to create conditions for Bu Linh and Bu Nom squirrel children to approach boldly to today’s young people, help all of them return to their roots, to their own identity. Because of our inborn nature and having enough capital to cope with the modern lifestyle, we continue to organize this retreat.

Attending the retreat, the children were able to practice sitting meditation, learn about Buddhism, participate in game shows, movement games, gratitude ceremony, etc. to cultivate love for family, friends, and homeland. salary to later become good children, people useful to society.


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