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Most Venerable Thich Nhu Minh, due to his illness, favorable to impermanence, passed away at 0:00:20 a.m. on July 19, 2022 (on June 21, the year of the Tiger) according to local time; 69 years, 45 lower laps.

Most Venerable Thich Nhu Minh, abbot of the Vietnamese pagoda, Los Ageles, California; Abbot of Thich Thien An Monastery in Atlanta, Georgia; President of the American-Vietnamese Buddhist Association, USA.

Dharma General Most Venerable Thich Nhu Minh

The former Venerable Master of Sanskrit at the Vietnam Higher School of Buddhist Studies – Campus II (now the Vietnam Buddhist Academy in Ho Chi Minh City), is one of the close followers of the late Venerable Thich. Minh Chau and the venerable esteemed Venerable Master Tue Sy, Master Le Manh That, Nun Thich Nu Tri Hai…; In charge of the Van Hanh Tutu.

He is known as a priest who is secretive, humble, and devoted in Buddhist affairs; Respect the elders, be kind to the younger generations, Buddhists.

The funeral of the newly deceased Venerable Master will be held at a Vietnamese temple (Los Ageles, California). Currently, all the monks and nuns are guarding and sending out invitations to the venerable ones to join forces in recitation for the passing away of Giac Linh Most Venerable Master. The detailed program will be announced by monks and nuns.


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