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On the morning of June 17th / Nham Dan at Phuoc Loc Pagoda (166 Hai Ba Trung, Quang Ngai City, Quang Ngai Province) Most Venerable Thich Trung Nghi, the abbot of the Patriarchate and the monastic family, solemnly commemorated the late Elder Huy Nhat. Most Venerable Thich Hong An (1913-1978) The founder of Phuoc Loc and Phuoc An pagodas and the restoration of Thien An communal house in Quang Ngai.

Offering incense in remembrance and celebrating the ceremony with religious products proving the provincial Buddhist Sangha BTS: Most Venerable Thich Hanh Lac, Most Venerable Thich Hue Dat; permanent members of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha BTS, the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha BTS in Quang Ngai City. Monks, monks, nuns, abbots of monasteries, and Buddhist friends from far and near also attended.


The biography of the late Venerable Thich Hong An is engraved on the Bai Minh tower at Phuoc Loc pagoda as follows:

Status: Binh Son heaven casts a sacred gas, in the year of Quy Ox (1913), a sage entered Binh Thanh commune, Hoang Dinh Hieu’s parents named him, Thich Hong An, the patriarch of the ancestral school, belonged to the first generation (who served him well. In the pool of suffering, whoever finds it relaxed, takes the oath of “gratitude without asking for retribution”, in the middle of the world, He only cares about good things. Taking refuge in Master Huyen Tri, at that time when he was a child, he sought the Dharma of Mr. Hue Hai, and when he grew up, he became familiar with it. The one who truly cultivates his mind, meditates, and hopes for a good life, a wise person, with high wisdom, and deeply vows to light the torch for all sentient beings, for nine years of long hardship (1945-1954), catching fire and making a lamp. , the rice is only full of vegetables, persistently nourished the path, led the class of good men and women who still follow the light, spread two centuries of national flags (1954-1974), rang the bell to save suffering and bring joy, a piece of coffee, Leading the rows of monks and nuns, Buddhists always step forward. Painted Phuoc Loc pagoda, made a preliminary ancestor for a mirror. Export shelf transmission network circuit, legal dharma respect to follow.


Shelves that:

Like a pure mind,

Nature of the sea,

The middle bar shows,

Enlightenment of the sect.

Virtue Punishment,

Enlightenment willow,

Thai transmission of the Dharma,

From the grace of humanity.

The people who live, restore Thien An pagoda, build it for a lifetime, repair the code Mr. Huynh admires the patriotic example, for the poor people established an urgent hamlet, a stone village of Nghia Tan, now brought to life. full of warmth in the place, raising students early in the day of success, the fields are quiet and the wind is pouring rain, even though they are old and weak, they still plow and hoe, Ba Gieng commune, Thien Tra Phu forest, save thousands of poor people, establish a village to settle down in a safe place. 46 spiritual land converged, opened Quang An pagoda to teach people to save lives and teach people to be blessed.

Works: Writing the transmission of miracles, leaving the world to be clear and full, composing the original Buddhism, saving posterity to understand many good and good things.

Translation of medicine books: Medicine Ancestor Tue Tinh to cure diseases and save lives, to set up a ladder, old and young, obstetricians and paediatricians to treat and heal well, clothed with straw sandals, in simple words, preaching throughout the town, the thatched-roof region. earth wall, with the whole heart of establishing a temple in the plains of the mountains, a thousand-year-old stone stele is stoic.



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