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For a long time, every 7th lunar month, in the minds of many people – this is the season of Lent – people fasted for the whole month with gratitude to their parents and also a good way.

1. Noodles cooked with beans

Photo: Nguyen Han

There are many types of noodles made from rice flour, wheat flour… you can choose according to your preferences.

Soaked chickpeas bloom overnight, washed burdock can be peeled or not peeled at will, because burdock often has a fragrance in the shell.

Then cut into bite-sized pieces and cook with chickpeas seasoned with a little salt. Chickpeas cooked with burdock for a very sweet and aromatic broth. Noodles depending on the type can be boiled in each appropriate time. After the beans are soft, add a little soy sauce to taste; add some sesame oil; Finally, season with coriander to taste.

Noodles cooked with hot beans will be more delicious, suitable as a breakfast dish for the whole family.

2. Sake cake – chickpeas

Photo: Nguyen Han

Photo: Nguyen Han

Steamed peeled breadfruit, cooked chickpeas softened after soaking. Put both in a blender, season with a little salt, pepper, and paro leaves if you don’t appoint five new flavors. Add some shredded seaweed, then mix in a little more brown rice flour if the mixture is mushy. Rice flour will make the dish more chewy and crispy when pan-fried.

After mixing the mixture well, roll the ball as you like, pan-fry with a little oil.

Cha can dip chili sauce, ketchup at will; It tastes better when served hot.

3. Chickpea milk and oats

Photo: Nguyen Han

Photo: Nguyen Han

Soaked chickpeas bloom overnight, then cook until soft with oats in an arbitrary ratio. Then, puree without filtering; Add sugar or not according to taste. A little moringa powder can be added for color and thus vitamins as well.

The yellow color of the drink is due to the fact that when cooked, it is seasoned with a little turmeric powder to create color; Readers can rest assured, there will be no turmeric smell.


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