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Love comes from Compassion, respect comes from Humility. Both are rooted in the Basic Ethics we have learned. Thanks to love and respect for people, we have beautiful, subtle manners that do not upset or hurt others.


A person in the Way, when his mind is pure, full of love and respect for others, his mind will be very bright. They can read our moods and treat us appropriately, tactfully, gently, thoughtfully, and deeply. That is called virtue.

People with heart Merciful Wisdom will appear. Because compassion is the cause and wisdom is the effect. We should not think that concentration will bring forth wisdom. Without compassion, concentration still cannot produce wisdom.

Similarly, in life, when we love people, our minds will naturally light up. And only when we really love, we have the right to understand people. This is the law set forth by God and Buddha Cause and Effect. Only when we love someone can we understand that person. If we do not love them, we will often think wrongly, or denigrate their weaknesses.

As always, when there is interest, we understand the other person. It is love that makes us interested and it is care that makes us wise, understanding deeply about people. Thus, it is no coincidence that we say that Compassion begets Wisdom.

(Excerpt from “Ethical Psychology” – TT. Thich Chan Quang – Lesson 29: Eight thousand sacrifices)


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