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Proven by Venerable Thich Nhuan Duc, Head of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, Ninh Hoa Town, on July 24 (June 26, Nham Dan), Sister Thich Nu Dieu Hiep, Head of the Charity – Buddhist Society Ninh Hoa town has guided Buddhists to visit and make offerings to schools.

Nuns in the Charity Department – Buddhist Society of Ninh Hoa town and Buddhists participate in making offerings on the occasion of the summer holiday season – Photo: Nhuan My

After making offerings at Thien Buu Communal House School, Duc Hoa Pagoda, the delegation went to 18 pagodas in the town to make offerings and help the monks and nuns feel secure to study on the occasion of the Buddhist holiday. 2566.

Before that, the delegation also organized an offering trip to 17 pagodas in Ninh Hoa town. The total net wealth and necessities of these two offerings is 60 million dong.

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