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I compiled the Lotus Sutra in special circumstances, ie after the unification of the country in 1975, the situation in the country was very difficult at that time, poverty, hardship, illness… Everyone went to work, no have time to chant a lot.

Therefore, I have compiled the Lotus Sutra briefly for easy understanding and memorization so that monks, nuns, and Buddhists can recite the sutras anywhere, anytime. It is from my belief and heart towards Buddha that I compiled this sutra.

Last week, I went to Japan to meet a monk who is also a Dharma Flower practitioner who said that just reading the prayer of the Dharma Flower Buddha, he felt at peace. If Buddhists recite this sutra many times but it is not peaceful, they must review it, maybe they have not understood and applied it correctly.

Most Venerable Thich Tri Quang – Photo: Dang Huy

The incense sticks during the pandemic

In the prayer of incense, I use simple sentences, but those who understand it correctly and apply it in their spiritual life will reap good results.

“Burn incense sticks in front of the Buddha platform,

The five parts are dedicated to the Tathagata,

Pray for humanity to reach enlightenment,

Happiness and peace in all beings.”

In fact, many people burn incense a lot and it’s very cheap, but smelling it is very toxic and very harmful to health.

In the most difficult and dangerous times, I don’t burn incense in my room, but I see the scent with my mind, hear it with my mind, and smell it with my mind; That is, the six senses and the main mind approach Buddha. So I burn incense, not outside incense.

In Japan, people burn incense without smoke, or with little smoke, but hearing the scent outside and being able to attach it to the mind to make one’s mind quiet is the important thing. It is not necessary to burn incense outside much, but the mind is far away from the Buddha. Because sincerity helps us to come to Buddha, or Buddha to come to us. Practicing like this, I sit alone, but wherever I look, I see Buddha with my mind.

Sitting in front of the Buddha platform, looking at the Buddha statue, but my mind is burning incense, that incense is five parts of the heart give up Buddha: precepts incense, fixation incense, tuberose incense, liberation incense, liberation tri view incense.

The first is the world of incense. Buddhists practice burning to draw out the incense of virtue so that everyone who sees that they love themselves can do things, because love is difficult to become easy, ignore mistakes. If you don’t love and want to accuse, it will be a crime.

The incense of virtue rising up is of course possible to pray. In fact, the teachers who practice religion, the beloved Buddhists make offerings, the government has sympathy, the new support, the new Buddha’s blessing, you will surely complete the hard work. And they don’t love, I beg, they give reluctantly like alms beggars.

Therefore, you burn incense, but without morality and virtue, your practice will not be fruitful. When the Buddha was in the world, No brain was a murderer, but when he left home and practiced cultivation, he became the most gentle person and he diligently experimented with the Buddha’s Dharma, so he attained Arahantship very quickly.

One day, on his way to begging for food, he met a woman who was about to give birth, but could not give birth, groaning violently. He felt so sorry, did not know what to do, rushed to ask Buddha. The Buddha told him to go to that woman, stand still, and the thought arose in his mind that since the day I left home to follow the Buddha until now, I have not harmed any species. Please dedicate this merit to her. As soon as he finished his dedication, she gave birth to a child.

In The Medicine Sutra said: “If there is a woman who suffers during childbirth, the energy dissipates as if she must die. Thanks to the good fortune of a previous life, when I heard the name of the Medicine Buddha, Luu Ly Quang Tathagata, my suffering ended, my birth was quick, my mother and I were at peace. The Buddha asked Ananda if he believed it…”. This idea comes from the Theravada sutras.

With a pure mind, Buddhists keep the five precepts, I think anything can be asked for; if not, begging Buddha will not witness. You have to try to keep the precepts, because with the precepts you will become virtuous and with the virtues, people will believe and listen to you.

Burning the incense of virtue, the second incense is the incense. The concentration is the concentrated mind, cutting all the afflictions of the earth, no desire, conceit, anger and delusion; everything is left out. If our mind is fixed, then the prayer will be successful.

Concentration helps us to live according to the flow of cause and effect, so we understand that what is not good we suffer today is due to past karma. If we know how to let go, that karma will also drift into the past, but if we keep it in our hearts, it will grow, causing us to think, speak and act with anger, confusion, and cruelty.

The mind of a person who has concentration will exude a wonderfully pure spirit. Typically, the recluse Cu Dam entered the city of Vuong Xa, quietly walked away, not caring about the surroundings, he only thought of Buddha and thought of how to become a Buddha. Therefore, King Tan Ba ​​Sa La saw his perfect body, pure and liberated, and immediately respected him and invited him to the court to make offerings, but he refused.

If you have concentration, you will have wisdom to see the truth of life, there is nothing to be angry or afraid of. All dharmas are like that, the sutras are called dharma ear like vision. Worrying too much won’t do anything, only taking on suffering, piling up more suffering.

So, having wisdom, we see things differently than ordinary people see. I have a friend who studies business, the same age as me. He has been in business since he was young until now, 81 years old, but still empty-handed. He studied well, had a doctorate, but lacked faith in the Buddha, only believed in his ability, thinking he was good, wise, sure to succeed. Although he is really good, really smart, but no one believes him, no one listens, causing him to fail continuously and accumulate debts. When I went to Japan, it took 50 years to see each other again, he hugged me and cried and said that he thought my life had to go down, couldn’t be compared to him, because I was so rich in cultivation, but I never expected that he would fall into this situation. so miserable. While he noticed that I was free to liberate and accomplish some Buddha work. Seeing me sublimate in the Dharma made him regret that he had foolishly left the spiritual path.

Hue incense, ie having wisdom, we clearly see the progress of things, know where to go, where to avoid. Indeed, if it comes by ambition, it is completely defeated, because all the traps and temptations will lead us to death.

There is a little wisdom to see life differently. For example, Uu Ba Ly said that for three generations his family worked as a barber, so poor that he had not seen a single gold thread. But when he met the seven sons who had gone forth to follow the Buddha, they gave him all the treasures. If you are poor, you should be happy like that. But thanks to the Buddha’s compassion and good roots, he thought that they gave up their treasures to follow the Buddha’s practice, and we embraced what they gave up for suffering, because if people knew that he had treasure, they would will kill him to take it. Real people are afraid that gold is like a poisonous snake. Seeing precious gold and being greedy, but gold mites flying into the eyes can’t be removed. For those who are greedy, they will die from greed.

Thinking so, Upa Ly hastily threw away his jewels, followed the Buddha’s practice, and became a rule-keeper of the First Arahant. All the world groups worship Venerable Uu Ba Ly, because he shows the perfect example of a virtuous person.

If you burn the first incense, people will love you. Burning the second incense, people respect. And being born of wisdom, solving people’s problems, they are happy, making the mind to follow the Buddha as the third scent.

The fourth scent is liberating incense, not being attached to anything. If anything is stuck, praying does not work. Personally, I don’t ask for anything in this life, I just ask the Buddha to help build Vietnam Quoc Tu, I pray for the common good of everyone, not for myself. If I ask for it for myself, Buddha certainly won’t give it to me.

And the result was extremely good, within only 3 years, this great temple was completed. I think that Guanyin has protected such thoughts, because the day of starting the construction of the temple, the day of casting the Buddha statue, the day of inaugurating the temple all coincidentally fell on the day of Bodhisattva Guan Yin.

A stick of incense

All five parts of the heart, I dedicate all of my devotion to the Tathagata and all the merit I have accumulated in this life or many previous lives, please dedicate it all to the Tathagata to pray for mankind to come to enlightenment, that is, to ask everyone not to be greedy. , do not get angry, do not hurt each other and pray for peace and happiness to everyone and all species.

Praying for such goodness, because in reality, society has many bad people, many people are not enlightened, do not understand properly, making all species unable to be at peace. For a simple example, we are listening to the Dharma very peacefully, but there is an unenlightened, uninformed brother who comes here to disturb us, causing us suffering.

Realizing that the plight of mankind is infinite, I earnestly offer the Buddha the five parts of my heart and incense to pray for all beings to be at peace.

As for me, living in extremely difficult, dangerous, and arduous times, I always keep my mind in the precepts of virtue, concentration, wisdom, liberation and knowledge to have a peaceful life at home. Buddha. And those who come to me, they find me peaceful and peaceful in the scene of the burning oil that has affected them to be at peace as well. The whole Phap Hoa ashram cultivates peacefully like that.

In short, the above-mentioned prayer of incense needs to be understood and practiced wholeheartedly in life to achieve good results. If you just read it from the tip of your lips to the tip of your tongue, it won’t do anything. Real results will be obtained, good people will come, enemies will be reduced, creating a peaceful living environment for themselves and everyone.

(Lecture on November 20, 2018 in Vietnam Quoc Tu)

Most Venerable Thich Tri Quang


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