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On the morning of July 24, 2022 (on June 26, Lunar New Year), in the campus of Kim Cang Monastery, more than 100 students from all over the country were present at the Monastery, in the joy of greeting. You come back, officially entering the first day of the retreat.


Each line of people headed to the registration desk, the volunteers took attendance, instructed to send the phone, personal belongings, then received the card and the novice’s uniform. The Organizing Committee divided the students into 08 groups (the Eightfold Path).


Accordingly, the monks in charge of their congregations guide the arrangement of places to eat, sleep, live, study, command the gathering, practice the dance theme of the retreat as well as the basic postures for the monks. friends, such as clasping hands, prostrating, salute…


Evening, TT. Thich Nguyen Chieu, Abbot of Kim Cang Monastery, Head of the Organizing Committee of the retreat, had a meeting with the retreat rules and wished the students good health. The 2022 Summer Retreat is a solid foundation for young people in the future when they have to face life with too many complications and insecurities; building faith and strength in a healthy lifestyle, preserving the noble spiritual values ​​of the nation, aiming for a good and beautiful life, away from the negative evils of society.


The first day of study ended in a quiet space of the soul.


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