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A baby boy about 10 days old was abandoned in front of a pagoda gate in Ha Tinh, local authorities are receiving and taking care of his health.

A 10-day-old boy abandoned in front of the temple gate was discovered and cared for by the monks of Long Dam Pagoda – Photo: HA ANH

On the morning of July 23, Mr. Le Hong Thanh – Chairman of the People’s Committee of Duc Thuan ward, Hong Linh town, Ha Tinh province – said that the local authorities are receiving and taking care of a newborn baby boy found abandoned in front of the temple gate.

Accordingly, around 3:30 p.m., on July 22, monks at Long Dam pagoda, Duc Thuan ward, Hong Linh town discovered a boy about 10 days old abandoned at the temple door.

Next to the boy was a lane containing towels, hats, socks, milk, diapers and a hastily written letter. In the letter, the writer wishes the temple to receive and take care of the baby.

After picking up the boy, the temple contacted the government of Duc Thuan ward to receive and hand over to the local medical station for care.

The baby boy weighs about 3kg, no deformities. Through the health check, the baby is in pretty good condition.

The leader of Duc Thuan ward said that the locality has now issued a notice for the child’s family to come and carry out the procedures to receive it. In case there are no relatives to come and receive them, the locality will carry out procedures for handing over and adopting children according to the provisions of law.

According to Tuoi Tre Newspaper


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