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On the way to cultivate the path of career, the monastic, thanks to the teachings of the master, has a dignified body, a square and round conduct, and lives a life free from the world. Through the time of setting up to study, meeting the chance to meet the teachers who teach the law, the wisdom roots increase, and the vows become more stable.

The light monastic life crosses every river of knowledge, every destination, every return, relying on elders who are rich in altruistic wishes for benefit. There are teachers who do not teach in class, but only use their body as a guide, and have nurtured many generations of post-religious students. The Elder that I want to mention is the late Monk Thu Thu Nhu Ha Bon (1926 – 2006) – President of the Kim Son Patriarchate (Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City). Young nuns joined the community to study at Kim Son but the In the following years, everyone will know about Nun Le Thuan, the current Abbot, who is very enthusiastic in the career of inheriting and developing the Ancestral Temple. The nun is very energetic and enthusiastic in her Buddhist work at the temple, as well as in the Church and the nuns’ precepts. But for the former nuns at Kim Son in the early 90s to mid-2006, there are still many memories of a time when studying under the roof of an idyllic ancient temple, full of peace and harmony. That was the time when the monk Thich Nu Nhu Bon returned from the Medicine Su nun school to take over the throne of the Patriarchate, with the determination to carry out the Master’s will and restore the position of the temple that trained many monks and nuns. them.

The great nun named Dang Thi Thien was born in 1926, originally in Song Be province (now Binh Duong province). At the age of 12, the elder nun was guided by her mother to Phap Gioi Pagoda (Cay Plum, Cho Lon). The predestined race appeared early, the old teacher turned into a teacher now. The senior nun met Master Dieu Tan (1910 – 1947) who founded the Kim Son Nunnery, had the ceremony of ordination with the shamanist Nhat Thien, the name Vien Nhu, the name Nhu Bon.

The nuns make offerings.

Moral values ​​of nuns through the lens of Vietnamese society today

Nun Nhu Bon left home at a very young age and studied at Kim Son during the glorious years of the newly established nun school (1940-1945). In 1947, Venerable Master fell ill and then passed away. She and a few young brothers were sent to Hue Lam to be treated only by Master Nhu Thanh. In 1957, the Nun School of Medicine was established, and the nun asked to join them to study the Middle School of Buddhist Studies. After graduating from the course, she was nominated to the Leadership Board of the School of Pharmacy, holds the position of Treasurer, so the fraternity and the public are often called Sister Thu Bu.

After the death of the head nun Dieu Tan, the Kim Son Patriarchate went through several generations of abbots to inherit, but the scene of the temple was deserted and empty, the religious community did not exist, the land around the temple was also occupied. Until the early 90s, Sister Nhu Bon returned to take on the responsibility of inheriting. Since then, the Patriarchal House gradually has young nuns coming to stay and study. Good land birds perched. Under the shadow of the majestic and virtuous pine tree, the colorful flowers and grass have also begun to sprout green.

At that time, the Vietnam Higher School of Buddhist Studies (the predecessor of the Vietnam Buddhist Academy in Ho Chi Minh City) was enrolling students for the third course, and the Buddhist Intermediate School at Vinh Nghiem Pagoda was also about to accept the monks and nuns for the course. II. Because the Buddhist schools at that time did not have boarding schools, so the nuns who were admitted had to find monasteries near the school to facilitate their study. Although human and financial resources are not enough, Sister Nhu Bon still accepts them. Since the heart has just arisen, the chance to meet and meet has also come, many gurus who know and respect her conduct have sent their disciples to Kim Son. Nuns who graduated from Intermediate Schools in the city and provinces also came to apply for them to attend lectures and interpreting courses. Many classes of young nuns from the provinces also come to join us to study. From the original dozen, after only a few years, the number of them has increased to five or seventy. The nun had to borrow money from brothers and sisters to build two more rooms in the back so they could have a spacious place to live.

The need to promote the ethical values ​​of nuns in today’s Vietnamese society

The ceremony of honoring the late nun's birthday.

The ceremony of honoring the late nun’s birthday.

Having gone through many Buddhist schools in Saigon, holding an important position at the prestigious Pharmacy Nun School and currently the Abbot of the monastery, which is the place where monks and nuns have been sent forth, more than anyone else, Ms. understand the role and the great responsibility placed on their shoulders. Her dignified and quiet personality, apart from the temple work, the monks and nuns have little contact with the outside world, but with her prestige and profound morality, she is still known and appreciated by everyone. glasses.

The Kim Son throne that day only had a narrow space, a meager life with vegetables, but the sociable and diligent personality of the mass and the gentle and humble heart of the nun created a wave of vitality. the joy of the old place, a quiet time. The nun treats the masses as a spiritual guide with all her heart and love and protection. As a boatman on the river of knowledge, her wish has transported many classes of nuns to the school of wisdom, together to cultivate self-esteem on every path of self-cultivation.

Until the beginning of the new millennium (2000), the road in front of the pagoda was widened and spacious. A courtyard, open-air Quan Am station and some ancient towers were cleared, but thanks to the compensation fund, Kim Son Communal House began to rebuild all items. At this time, due to her advanced age, she fell seriously ill. With each passing day, even though she had to deal with diseases and obstacles, her spirit was still fresh and peaceful. Then when his vows were fulfilled, he gently let go of his body. It was the 23rd day of the 7th lunar month after the end of the summer season in 2006. Three years later, the Grand Master’s Horse Festival was also the day to inaugurate the newly completed Ancestral Temple. Former students, both South and North, returned to attend the memorial ceremony, and bowed down in front of the relic of a venerable elder.

The light monastic life crosses every river of knowledge, every destination, every return, relying on elders who are rich in altruistic wishes for benefit.

The light monastic life crosses every river of knowledge, every destination, every return, relying on elders who are rich in altruistic wishes for benefit.

Nuns and Buddha’s teachings

Thirty years after the monk and nun returned to the Kim Son residence and exactly fifteen years after he left the worldly body, the ancient temple roof is now a majestic and majestic scene. The oil lamp has gone out… but the stars are still shining brightly. The flow of time is still constantly changing, but in the minds of many people who have come and gone, the roof of Kim Son pagoda is still a peaceful land of saints, a place to nurture the seeds for the Dharma and nuns. world tomorrow.


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