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From dying until 49 days after death, the spirit still has the opportunity to be freed day by day if it is supported by loved ones through the Manifestations.

This part should be read by loved ones every day for the spirit of the deceased, with earnest prayers soul be liberated, because at this time the spirit does not hear the sound but hears it with the mind of the announcer. This teaching is not only beneficial for the newly deceased but also for the living, you should understand the dying process and the Bardo stages after death to prepare yourself for when impermanence strikes. arrive.

Below is the Disclosure to the Dying.

Venerable One, (Dharma name of the deceased), now the time has come to seek for yourself the path of life and death. As soon as the breath stops, the brilliant light of the dharmata of the first intermediate stage will appear as the Master has described to you before. His outer breath ceased. He experiences reality and emptiness as vast as space. The original wisdom in which he dawned was clear and empty, without limits or centers. At this point, you yourself must realize this state as buddha nature and must maintain that experience.

Now, the illusion he was seeing was a sign of the Earth element dissolving into the Water element. The smoke illusion is a sign of the Water element dissolving into the Fire element, the firefly illusion is a sign the Fire element is dissolving into the Wind element. The illusion of candle flame is a sign that the wind element is dissolving into the consciousness element. The illusion of a moonlit sky is a sign of the consciousness element dissolving into clear light. The sky filled with sunlight is a sign that the clear light is dissolving into the light. This dark sky is a sign that the sun’s light is dissolving into the dead light. The twilight sky before dawn is a sign of the fading light that is dissolving into the Dharma-nature of Magical Light.

Venerable One, (Dharma name of the deceased), now is the time of “death”, so you need to generate bodhicitta and aim for enlightenment as follows: “Oh! It’s time for me to die. Through this death, we will cultivate bodhichitta full of love and compassion. For the sake of all sentient beings, we must attain full enlightenment.” In particular, you should think: “Now for the sake of sentient beings, I will realize the wonderful dharma-nature of death which is the dharmakaya. In this experience, you will attain the supreme achievement of Mahamudra and will fulfill all the wishes of sentient beings. Otherwise, you will realize this in the time of the intermediate stage. You will realize that the intermediate stage is the unified Mahamudra, and you will fulfill the aspiration of immeasurable sentient beings by manifesting into whatever object is necessary to subdue any sentient being. any”. Such contemplation will help you maintain the will-power of bodhicitta, as the practice experiences you have known before!

O Precious One, (Dharma name of the deceased), listen, now the pure light of reality dawns before you. Realize this light! This is your present, natural, Unambiguous Wisdom. It is present in emptiness, without any objectivity in terms of substance, sign or color! This is the reality of the Perfection Buddha Mother! And here, the unnaturalness of his Wonderful Observation is not the false emptiness of birth and death at all, but his own undying, clear, and dynamic wisdom. This wisdom is the Great Perfection of the Buddha Nature! The indivisible presence of the illusory unnatural wisdom and the dynamic luminous presence of your mind is the Dharmakaya. His buddha nature abides in this vast and boundless vast indivisible luminous light. His self-nature has no birth or death but is Amitabha Buddha. You just need to realize that the pure nature of your mind is Buddha! He himself abides in the inner enlightenment wisdom of all the Buddhas.

O Venerable One, meditate on the Deity! Don’t be distracted, direct your powerful mind energy to your meditative deity, but don’t forget to meditate on the form of the clear but immaterial, non-reality deity like the moonlight on a lake. country!

The Real Intermediate Stage at the Peaceful Deity

At this time, 42 Peaceful Buddhas will appear, relatives will continue to teach as below.

Venerable One, (Dharma name of the deceased), listen with strong unwavering concentration. There are six intermediate stages: the intermediate stage of natural life, the intermediate stage of dreams, the intermediate stage of meditation, the intermediate stage of the moment of death, the intermediate stage of dharmata, and the intermediate stage. regeneration.

Venerable One, three intermediate stages will dawn before you: the intermediate stage at the time of death, the intermediate stage in dharmata and the intermediate stage of rebirth. Until yesterday, in the intermediate stage of the moment of death, the light of the Dharma-nature of reality had dawned, but he did not recognize that light, so he still wandered here. Now the intermediate stage of reality and the intermediate stage of rebirth will appear before you. As I have described, you need to recognize this stage without confusion.

O Venerable One, you have now come to ‘death’. He will continue his journey from world to world. You are not alone, because this is the journey of all sentient beings from beginningless eons. Don’t wallow in desires and attachments to the past life. Even if he wanted to, he didn’t have the power to stay in this world. He couldn’t avoid falling into the samsara realms. Don’t be greedy or clingy! Remember about Three Jewels!

Venerable One, visions of the reality of the intermediate state will dawn to you. You should not forget the following words. Pay attention to the meaning of these instructions below for realization:

“When now the intermediate stage of reality dawns before you,

I will let go of the illusion of instinctive fear

Penetrate the realization that all objects are mere mental illusions

And understand that it is just an illusion manifesting in the intermediate stage

Up to this point, when the most important stage of cessation has been reached

You will not fear your own vision of the Peaceful and Mighty Deities.”

You should continue to read this aloud clearly and memorize the meaning of the instruction. Do not forget this instruction because it is the key to realizing that any vision, however terrible, comes from your mind.

Venerable One, when your mind and body are disintegrating, pure reality manifests in subtle dazzling visions, dynamically experienced, naturally seeming terrifying and disturbing, shimmering like a mirage in the field in autumn. Don’t be afraid of that vision, don’t be frightened, don’t panic. His body now is not flesh and blood. Therefore, any sound or light that appeared could not harm him. You can’t die! Understand that this is only an intermediate stage and that all images and sounds are projected by the mind, appearing before you as illusions.

Venerable One, if you don’t realize all these manifestations are just delusions in your mind – no matter what kind of meditation you experience in the Human realm – without this concrete revelation the negative sound, light, ray of light will scare you. If you do not know the key of this instruction, you will not realize sound and light and will continue to wander in the suffering samsara.


The term “Venerable One” or “Noble One” is a way of addressing respect and compassion for the dying person, for the purpose of connecting with them when reciting. The guardian may, depending on the object and level of relationship, have other respectful calls such as “Hey Buddhist” or “Hey son of Buddha nature”, should not use the way of calling too worldly because that makes it difficult. the people who protect and are kept in mind, the more they cling to the past relationship.

Quote from Bardo – The journey of life and death, Protecting the dying person


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