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Favoring impermanence, Most Venerable Thich Tinh Khong passed away at 2:00 am on July 26, 2022, at the age of 96.

Respect for the Venerable Most Venerable Thich Tinh Khong.

Old shaman Thuong Tinh Ha Khong, alias Tu Nghiep Hong, was born on February 15, 1927, in Lu Giang district, Anhui province, China.

In his youth, he studied at Quoc Lap Third High School and Nanjing Thi Lap First High School. In 1949, he went to Taiwan, served in the True Tien Hoc Commune, and when he had time, he studied the history of philosophy. At the age of 26, he started studying Buddhism and became a vegetarian, first asking to study with the American philosopher Professor of Oriental America (1 year). Next, he studied under the tantric master Zhangjiajie (3 years). Finally, he went to Taichung to seek the Dharma with the Buddhist layman Ly Binh Nam (10 years).

In 1959 (33 years old) he converted at Lam Te temple, Vien Son area, Taipei City, his dharma name was Tinh Giac, his dharma name was Tinh Khong. After being fully ordained, he went around giving lectures in Taiwan and around the world. Before and after, they have explained such as: Flower Adornment Sutra, Dharma Flower Sutra, Shurangama Sutra, Vien Giac Sutra, Pure Land Five Sutras (Infinite Life Sutra, Amitabha Sutra, Buddha Quan Amitabha Sutra, Great World Chi Chi Sutra. Bodhisattva’s Recitation of the Buddha Vien Thong Chapter, Universal Virtue of Virtue, Vajra Sutra, Ksitigarbha Sutra, Pham Vong Sutra, Human King Sutra, Essentials of Great Wisdom Sutra, Heart Sutra, Eight Great Human Sutras Enlightenment, the Fourteenth and Second Chapters, the Sutra of the Victory and the Chi Lac, the Sutra of the Reincarnation, the Sutra of the Ten Good Karmas, the Sutra of the Hunger, the Sixth Patriarchal Tantra, the Sa-di Law of the Contempt, the Mahayana Origin of Faith, and the Birth of Life. Commentary, Dai Tri Do Luan, Bach Phap Minh Mon Commentary, Mind Only Research, Eight Consciousness Rules and Practices, Middle Ways of the Three Times System of Mindfulness, Buddhist Tripitaka of several dozen volumes. In addition, he also lectured on Thai Thuong Sen Tinh Thien and Lieu Pham Tu Huan, and also had a program of Nhan Ai, Peace, Lecture Hall, and Dharma lectures for more than 60 years without interruption.

He is well versed in the sutras of Buddhist sects and the doctrines of other religions such as Confucianism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, etc. Especially for Pure Land Buddhism, he is dedicated to practicing and propagating. very glorious achievement. Currently, there are many kinds of lecture tapes, video tapes, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, with thousands of volumes. Furthermore, he is a pioneer in applying Internet multimedia technology to popularize Buddhist studies with a focus on Pure Land Dharma. The Venerable Master’s lectures can be found on websites and YouTube in many different languages. The Venerable Master always emphasized, Buddhism is not a religion, not a philosophy, Buddhism is a Buddhist education, relying on wisdom and compassion to become a religion, not a superstitious religion. .

Extraordinary advantage, Most Venerable Tinh Khong passed away at 2 am on July 26, 2022, 96 years old. Sincerely pay respects to the spirit of Enlightenment Master The Venerable Master The Most Venerable Tinh Ha Khong


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