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Most Venerable Tinh Khong is well versed in many Mahayana sutras and treatises of various Buddhist sects as well as the philosophies of Confucianism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam and other religions.

Elder Most Venerable Tinh Khong the name Tu Nghiep Hong. He was born in 1927 in Lujiang district, Anhui province, China. In 1959, he was ordained as a monk at Lam Te temple in Vien Son area, Taipei city (Taiwan), and was given the dharma name Tinh Giac, the dharma name was Tinh Khong.

Most Venerable Tinh Khong is considered to be the person who has contributed to the revival of Pure Land Buddhism in modern times. He has devoted his life to the study, practice and propagation of the Pure Land method, which he has attained. the greatest achievements.

Most Venerable Tinh Khong has focused on the principles of Mahayana Buddhism such as dispelling superstition and wrong views, helping people distinguish right and wrong, right and wrong, and perfectly solving all problems. In this endeavor he assisted in the establishment of more than fifty Pure Land Learning Centers and Buddhist Associations around the world, including centers and associations in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, North America, Australia, Spain and the UK. Over the past several decades, he has advised numerous Buddhist and social organizations.

According to information from the Cuc Lac Pagoda (Tainan, Taiwan), the Most Venerable Master Tinh Khong, the founder of the World Association of Pure Land Schools, passed away late at night on July 26, at the age of 96.


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