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Sometimes I thought I was unlucky, unlucky. That’s when I didn’t have a deep insight into cause-and-effect in life, where my body and mind are now. And I used to blame this person, that person, blame the sky, blame the earth… Until I met the bright path.

Living in peace is the 5th book by author Luu Dinh Long – a layman who has learned and practiced the method of “presenting the law of bliss” of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh – a monk with great spiritual influence on the world. world, after the 14th Dalai Lama.

The light from that path emanated for me to identify, all manifestations in this life have its causes and conditions. And I have planted and created those seeds.

I was able to open my eyes, then accept life as it is. From then on, I learned to sow new seeds, seeds of more peace. I look at the sufferings of others and feel compassion. I sympathize more with the bad things in people because I know for sure that they have some difficulty to behave like that. I stopped blaming the person who abandoned me and thought that I must not abandon anyone, especially my loved ones…

Changes from within help me change my outlook on life behavior, little by little every day. Until one day, I realized, it turns out that as long as I let go of the defilements due to blame, less demanding, less desire… then I gradually have more joy and happiness.

I began to appreciate the small happiness “now, here”, instead of wanting to throw everything away to find the great happiness (as I think, I dream) in the future tense. I also no longer feel difficult or uncomfortable when I am unsatisfactory. Because I think about its manifestation. I practice thinking positively instead of just looking at the negative. Doesn’t this life have two sides to everyone and everything?

I call it living in peace. Because really, we can’t run away from the fruits we’ve sown before. My job right now is to sow the seeds of happiness and positivity as much as possible.

Luu Dinh Long

– Excerpt from “Live in peace”


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