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I got married a few months before I got pregnant. At that time, because he did not understand the Buddhadharma, he did not know the dangers of retribution. Considering that the current economic situation is not enough to support children, I have had an abortion.

After that, the business gradually developed, the economy was good, I gave birth to three children in turn.

When I was pregnant with my 4th child, I was completely unhappy because the plan was broken, because I had been prevented but had an unwanted pregnancy. So I went to have an abortion, creating sin again.

After that, my friends invited me to go to the temple, I was fortunate enough to listen to the Dharma lecture, so I developed the heart to study Buddhism and practice and recite according to the daily schedule. Since then, I vow to do good and stop evil as the Buddha taught. After self-examination, I found that I had committed a serious crime. Two abortions in the past brought me endless regret.

I want to tell you that when you are pregnant, you should not have an abortion. You created them then you must take responsibility for their presence.

Now, I am over 50 years old. Last year when I went to the doctor, the doctor told me I had breast cancer. Because I understand the Buddhadharma, I know that this is the retribution, the evil fruit that has come due to the cause of killing the fetus, now I can only accept it calmly. And all the merits of the practice I would like to dedicate to the unborn baby spirits who died unjustly, because of them created many good things, I pray for them to be born in a good realm.

Because of studying Buddhism, relying on the blessings of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, although I contracted cancer, I was not tormented, until I was operated on, I did not feel pain. For more than a year, I have lived peacefully. Maybe it’s because I know how to repent and accumulate merit, vegetarianfree birth, Buddha’s Remembrance; so even if you get retribution, you still don’t feel any pain. I am very grateful to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

And my sister Vy is not like that. Her husband works abroad. She has a very good job, is very busy, so she does not have time to take care of the children. When Vy was in labor and gave birth to her second child, her husband was not at home, and the baby was born a boy. Because Vy does not understand the Buddhadharma, she is unhappy and feels that this child brings many obstacles, if raised, it will take a lot of time and trouble. So Vy did not bother to discuss with her husband, she told the doctor that she did not want this child. The doctor was also very brave and daring, he agreed to help it kill the fetus.

Out of ignorance, Vy created a felony murder. When the happiness was over, disaster came, and as a result, just turned 55 years old when Vy had breast cancer. Despite surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and treatment, Vy still passed away. In addition to the crime of abortion, my sister normally behaves very well with people. So when they heard that he had cancer, everyone was surprised. But cause and effect always follow us like a shadow in the picture, it comes without favoring anyone!

Therefore, I want to remind women that, when you are pregnant, please don’t be afraid of trouble. You must be responsible for giving birth to children properly and devote yourself to raising them well until adulthood. Don’t worry about the lack of money, because each child brings their own blessing.

When she was young, Ngoc Thu was my best friend, she had a stable career, and her temperament was gentle and kind. Because she did not know the Way and did not understand the Buddhadharma, Thu had abortions many times. Later, he suffered from cancer, his body was covered with lumps, his onions were in great pain and suffering, the disease was getting worse and worse, the doctors were all helpless. Thu died at the age of 45.

After studying BuddhismI know how to distinguish between right and wrong. If I had known the Buddhadharma early, I would not have committed a crime and would not have allowed my friends and relatives to do so. I find vegetarianism very useful, helping to keep the body and mind clean, reducing cravings. On the other hand, if you eat salty foods, your desire will be heavy, your body will be slimy, and your sex will not be easy. I want to tell you that when you are pregnant, you should not have an abortion. You created them then you must take responsibility for their presence.

Because it was my stupidity that robbed my children of the opportunity to be human! Now that I know how to repair it, I regret it and suffer immensely. I vow forever, if born, to become a monk, never to marry again, so I won’t have to commit stupid sins like this. I hope two words “Abortion“Be permanently erased in the world, so that every unborn child has the opportunity to be human, to meet the Buddha’s Dharma and practice, to leave suffering and be happy!

Female monk (The phenomenon of cause and effect)


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