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If I want her husband to be liberated, instead of buying money to buy burning things for him to spend forever in the underworld, I should buy birds and fish to release animals or give alms, print sutras, or help the poor and needy. etc…

The other day, there was a lady who went to the cemetery to visit the graves of her relatives, in her hand she carried a house upstairs, a cyclo and some clothes made of paper. I see that ask:

– What do you bring your cyclo for?

She said:

– My husband used to ride a cyclo, now he died, I burned the cyclo to let him run

I say:

– God, the day before when he was still alive, he had to ride a cyclo to support his wife and raise children, now he died to give him a break, why buy a cyclo for him to run, it’s too bad for him to do that!

She said:

– Yes, I don’t know how to do it when people just draw. Well, if I miss this time, next time I will buy a car to burn for you to drive.

I laughed and said:

– Don’t you want your husband to escape?

She said:

– Yes

– Then why did you burn the car?

– What is the positive world, so is the negative world.

– Do you want him to stay in the underworld forever?

Should votive paper be burned for the deceased during the season of filial piety?


At this point, she just couldn’t answer. That’s why I explained it to you. If I want her husband to be saved, instead of buying money to buy burning things for him to spend forever in the underworld, I should buy fish and birds. back to life or giving alms, printing sutras, printing or helping the poor and needy, etc.. Doing these good deeds, first of all, we benefit, others benefit, and the dead also benefit. I told her a story from the Parable.

One day, Buddha and Anan were walking along the riverbank, and suddenly saw five hundred hungry ghosts walking and singing, and at the same time saw five hundred hungry ghosts crying and walking by. Ananda saw this and asked the Buddha:

– White World Honored One! Why are those demons singing while walking, and these demons are crying like that?

Buddha said:

– Those singing ghosts are about to be born in heaven, because in the family, their children and grandchildren know how to practice blessings, practice, worship, make offerings to them, dedicate their blessings to them. As for the crying demons, they were not able to escape, because in their relatives’ houses because they killed and sacrificed, they had to bear the evil retribution, so they cried.

Burning votive paper is not a Buddhist ritual



After listening to me, she promised not to buy burning votive paper from now on. Take that money as a blessing to dedicate to your husband’s liberation.

Last year, I went to Taiwan to attend the opening ceremony of a Buddhist study class at Tu An Pagoda, in the eighth month of the lunar calendar. After that, I was allowed to visit some places by the school and they took me to see a prayer bridge. At the forum, I saw them make a bus that was almost the same size as the real bus. They made the frame of bamboo, the outside was glued with paper, and the driver and passenger inside were fully seated. Looking at the car made very elaborately, I think it takes a lot of time and money. Perhaps its owner, who used to run the bus, has passed away, so relatives built this bus to burn for them to use.

Think about it, is it a waste of a car to cost so much money and then burn it? With that money, they can do a lot of good things for everyone, for themselves and for the dead. Therefore, Buddhist learners must have wisdom, see things thoroughly, so that when acting is not wrong in the spirit of cause and effect, not superstitious.

Excerpt from Buddha Dharma Saving My Life


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