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According to the Buddha, when a man works righteously and becomes rich, he can more easily follow the Noble Eightfold Path (i.e. the 8 right paths) than others.

Many people think that the sets Buddhist scripture only directing sublime issues or focusing on the lives of those who follow the Buddha’s teachings, those who practice…

But there is a book called the Sigalovada Sutra (Recording the teachings of Buddha with a boy named Sigala) oriented to the everyday problems of ordinary people, such as money, work, and family obligations.

In particular, in this book there is a teaching that according to the Buddha, families who want to develop and prosper must definitely remember.

Buddha’s concept of wealth

Although the Buddha never said that every human being should aim for wealth to achieve happiness in life, he also did not think that being rich was a bad thing.

When there is no financial burden, people can be chivalrous and follow their own moral standards. When finances are secure, people are less likely to create karma – negative things.

Besides, He always appreciates the hard work of each person, and if everyone works hard, knows how to accumulate, cultivate, and help themselves get rich in a genuine way, that is his blessing. me, for his family, and by extension, a country with such citizens is bound to flourish.

What dharma do Buddhists practice to make the Dharma flourish?


Buddha once said that there are 6 bad things that people should not do, if avoided, the family will be rich and peaceful. That is:

First: Sleep until the sun comes up.

Second: Regularly let yourself be in a state of laziness, not working.

Third: Acts of cruelty and callousness.

Fourth: Sa da, addicted to alcohol, gambling, making himself drunk all day and night, becoming a selfless, temporary, irresponsible person to others.

Thursday: Wander the streets at night.

Friday: Adultery.

Of these 6 things, the first 2 are related to laziness, so it can be said that the Buddha always appreciated the hard work of each person.

According to the Buddha, when a man works righteously and becomes rich, he can more easily follow the Noble Eightfold Path (i.e. the 8 right paths) than others.

When we have a full material life, we will hardly fall into material temptations, we will have more time to meditate and also be able to help more people in need.

Advice from Buddha and a boy named Sigala

Once, on the way, the Buddha came to stay at a house in the city of Rajagaha. The son of the landlord is a young man named Sigala.

Sigala desperately wanted to hear the Buddha preach, and so he gave a long talk with Sigala in which he pointed out what to do, what to avoid, and especially how to spend wisely physical.

5 obligations of husband and wife to build a happy family



According to Buddha, whether a family can flourish or not depends a lot on the attitude of family members towards money and the use of the money they earn.

Buddhist teachings say that, although money or wealth is not what people pursue or aim for, and anyone should not be a money-loving, money-loving, money-obsessed person, but It is a necessary and indispensable thing in human life.

There’s nothing wrong with making money righteously and becoming rich. However, in order for these coins to serve us well, in order not to fall into debt, poverty and have a better life, according to the Buddha, the money earned by each family should be divided. make 4 parts:

The first part is for spending on daily life: Including the need for food, housing, consumption, social relationships…

The next two parts will be devoted to profitable investments, helping money to make money, not “dead money”, ensuring a long-term future for those family members.

The last part, is the amount of money to save, for sick days, sunny days, or when an unexpected situation occurs, if there is no urgent matter, it must not be spent.

Of course, to suit today’s modern life, we can flexibly apply the Buddha’s teachings. The above four parts can be equal (ie 25% of income each), or slightly different depending on the circumstances of each family and the type of investment we intend to participate in.

The Buddha said that like a bee working hard to collect pollen to bring back to the hive, the tiny pollen grains it collects over time will become large honeycombs that can feed a whole swarm of bees. The same is true of human thrift. When we accumulate small and big, we will one day become rich and affluent.


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