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Living a peaceful life is not an easy thing. You have to let go of all the negativity outside the door. That means nothing.

Living simply will make you happier.

To end suffering, it is necessary to let go of happiness. But happiness, few people can let go.

If we still cling, even a little bit of happiness, we will all be pulled back by this mortal.

Happy with the majority, but also ruined with the majority. Like a fish that is determined to bite the bait, it is not expected to be happy for a long time. No wonder they were caught.

Happiness is there, very real. But not too short. But in return, it is also a lifetime of being dragged away like a fish caught in a hook. There’s no way to escape.

The world doesn’t know that just letting go of everything. It’s not just about getting a light life. But there are many other wonderful things that cannot be mentioned.

The wisdom, the peace and quiet Truth is waiting for you to pass by. Everything is just a hand away!


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