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“I have to go to Guangzhou to pay the debt in my previous life. He understands deeply about the scriptures, and is diligent in using his mind. However, because of his temperament, he has a lot of anger and anger, so after releasing the body of retribution, If I bear the form of a demon, I will definitely save the Master from calamity.”

An The Cao often talked about his miraculous past life karma that others could not understand. He recounted that:

His previous life was also a monk. At that time, he had a fellow practitioner who was very hot-tempered. When he meets a benefactor who does not satisfy him, he becomes angry. How many times did he give advice, but the monk’s character remained the same.

More than twenty years later, An The Cao (1st) said goodbye to that monk and said:

– I have to go to Guangzhou to pay the debt in my previous life. He has a deep understanding of the sutras and is diligent in using his mind. However, because the teacher’s character is full of anger, after giving up the sambhogakaya, he will take the form of a demon. If I testify to the holy fruit, I will definitely save the Master from disaster.

After saying that, Mr. An The Cao went to Guangzhou. At that time, that area was plagued by chaos, and robbers arose like bees. On the way, he met a young man coming from afar. The young man drew his knife and said:

– Ah! I came here to recharge Me!

He said:

– In my previous life, I lacked him for one life, so I have traveled many miles to come here to repay. As soon as he saw me, he immediately got angry. This is because the grudge has not been resolved!

Retribution of criticizing and slandering others


After saying that, he calmly put his head to be cut off, but his expression was not afraid. Without delay, the young man swung his sword and slashed at Him. At that time, the divine consciousness flew over An Tuc country and was also reincarnated as a crown prince, that is, An The Cao (2nd).

During the Han Dynasty, eunuchs fought for power. Rebellion arose unceasingly. Therefore, Mr. An The Cao (2nd) had to leave Luoyang city and go to the Jiangnan region to continue preaching the Dharma. He said to himself: “First, I must go to Lo Son, to convert the dharma pilgrim who studied in the past life”.

When he arrived at Lo Son, he resided at Dinh Ho am. According to Mr. Hue Vien (334-417), in the book “Lo Son Luoc Ky” it is recorded as follows:

At the top of the southern mountain, under Lam Cung Dinh lake, there is a shrine. The people followed the name of the lake and named the temple as Cung Dinh Ho. The god at Cung Dinh Ho’s temple was inspired by Mr. An The Cao. The legend is still recorded in Tu Son Bac Thien”.

Legend has it that Cung Dinh Ho Temple is very magical. The merchants passing through that area must first pray and worship, then they will be safe and sound. A guy sneaked up the mountain to cut bamboo, but refused to go to the temple to worship. That guy’s bamboo boat had just come out of the river when it was overturned by the waves. The merchants saw this, so they worshiped the shrine even more.

One day, Mr. An The Cao followed more than thirty merchants on a boat to go to that shrine. Arriving at the place, the merchants went to the temple to worship, and he was on the boat. After they finished making offerings to pray for peace, the god in the temple said to them:

– There is a monk on the boat, so please invite him to come here.

The retribution of killing sentient beings



When the merchant heard that, he quickly ran out to invite him into the temple. As soon as he entered, he heard the god say:

– In my previous life, I used to go forth with Master to practice religion in the Western Region. Although he often practices almsgiving, his temper is full of anger, so he becomes a god at this palace.

The perimeter of the temple is a thousand miles, all under my control. Because in previous lives, he often practiced giving, so now he has received countless invaluable treasures and treasures. However, due to anger and hatred, he received retribution as a demon, with a large and ugly body. My network is coming to an end. At death, the body will release a stench throughout the rivers and lakes. So I had to go to the ravine in the western mountains and die. After death, you will be reborn in hell. Please compassionate Master, bring all the precious things and make offerings to the Three Jewels on my behalf, and build temples together, so that my next life can be reborn in a good realm.

Hearing this, Mr. An The Cao (2nd) said:

– I came here to redeem you. Why not render the original?

God replied:

– I used to have an evil demon form. If it appeared, the people would be scared!

– Just showing up is enough. People are not afraid!

From the temple, appeared a large bamboo (snake), crawling next to Mr. An The Cao (2nd).

He then gave a sermon, and chanted mantras in Sanskrit. A moment later, the squirrel was moved to tears like rain, and then slowly disappeared.

He then picked up the treasures, and then with the merchants returned to the boat. At that time, everyone saw that the scorpion appeared in its original form on the top of the western mountain, with its body several miles long. At sunset, the boat was surfing on the river, suddenly a young man appeared, approached and bowed to him. After receiving his blessing, the young man suddenly disappeared. He told the merchants:

– That young man was originally the temple of Cung Dinh Ho. Now freed from the devil and ascended to heaven.

Since then, Cung Dinh Ho Temple is no longer visible. Later, the local people discovered a huge body of bamboo squirrel, several miles long, lying in a stream to the west of Lo Son mountain. Currently, that mountain area is called Xa Thon, Xunyang District, in Jiangxi.

The Autograph Tower records:

Ngoa Quan Pagoda in Don Duong was founded by the monk Hue Lap during the reign of Emperor Ai Tan. Later, the monk An The Cao brought the remnants from Cung Đình Hồ to repair them.

After paying a part of the karma, he also went to Guangzhou, found the teenager who killed him in his previous life, then told about the predestined conditions of his previous life, to let go of the old injustice, in order to hope to form a friendship together. When they met, he said to that person again:

– I also have a debt that has not been paid. Now we have to go there to pay.

That person knew that he was not an ordinary person, so he respectfully made offerings. The next day, he and that person went to the street, met two men holding a stick to fight. A guy suddenly hit His head by mistake, causing Him to die. Seeing twice the cause and effect of retribution, that person then develops a heart to practice Buddhism, and often tells this true story to others. Anyone who hears this story deeply believes in the principle of cause and effect in the three lifetimes.

Excerpt from “God Tang Thien Truc”


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