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Phu Tho Provincial Police have just issued a decision to prosecute and temporarily arrest Tran Anh Ngoc, 35, and Tran Nhat Long, 17, residing in Kim Duc Commune, Viet Tri City on charges of property theft, and continue to coordinate Cooperate with police units to expand investigation of the case.

In May 2022, at Huong Tich Pagoda, Nong Trang Ward, Viet Tri City, crooks broke into the safe to take the entire amount of more than 16 million dong.

At the same time, Phu Tho Provincial Police also received news from Dai Bi Pagoda (Bach Hac Ward), Thien Long Pagoda (Thanh Mieu Ward), Bat Nan Temple (Phuong Lau Commune), Thien Co Mieu Temple (Trung Commune). Vuong) about being broken into by crooks, breaking the merit box, and taking away all the money.

Subject Tran Anh Ngoc pointed to the safe that he broke and stole money at Bat Nan Temple, Viet Tri City – Photo: Phu Tho Provincial Police provided

During the investigation, at 0:00 on June 28, 2022, the Criminal Police Department coordinated with functional forces to urgently arrest Tran Anh Ngoc and seized many relevant evidences.

At the investigation agency, Ngoc confessed that by the time he was arrested, Ngoc had committed 12 cases of stealing money and property in communal houses, temples and pagodas in Viet Tri City, Tam Nong and Thanh Ba districts and Doan Hung.

The accomplice that helps Ngoc effectively in the theft cases is Tran Nhat Long, Ngoc’s nephew.

Ngoc said that every time he commits a theft, Long is the one to carry him, when he arrives at the communal houses, temples and pagodas, he discovers that there is no one to look after him, or he is negligent or the door is unlocked, Ngoc breaks in alone. When he discovered that there was a merit box and a safe, he used a tree beam to pry it open and took the money inside, while Long stood guard outside.

Currently, the investigative police agency of Phu Tho Provincial Police has prosecuted the case and prosecuted the accused against Ngoc and Long for property theft, and continues to coordinate with police units to expand the investigation. case.

Stealing at a monastery or a temple is called stealing things from the Three Jewels, this crime is more serious than stealing national property, why is that?

So if you owe one person, you only repay one person, this is easy to do. If it’s a local government, say a city, if you steal public facilities here, the trouble will be huge.

Why so? You must be aware of this conviction, the public facilities are made by the local taxpayers. If you steal, everyone in this city is your creditor, you have to pay each person, how long do you have to pay? You must know that you cannot steal public facilities, it is a very serious crime.

If this device belongs to the country, the trouble will be even bigger, in the future, when convicted, the whole country will be your creditor. At present, many people do not know that this crime is serious, arbitrarily destroying public equipment, this crime is very serious, extremely heavy, and must be convicted based on the people of the whole country.

Monasteries and sanctuaries are called things of the Three Jewels, this crime is more serious than stealing national property, why is that? It crosses the ten directions, ends in space, all monastics have a share, this impeachment must be based on space, the whole Dharma world, then the trouble is even greater.

Therefore, stealing things from the Three Jewels, stealing a needle, a thread, a blade of grass, or a log will all fall to Abhi hell. Some people say that this does not seem reasonable at all, a blade of grass, a log, a needle, a thread is not worth anything, why is it so serious? Who do you think its owner is? You will understand, its owner is the end of space, all over the Dharma Realm all monastics, you have to impeach on these people.


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