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On July 29 (July 1 – Nham Dan), the abbot of Long Hoa nunnery and all the nuns at the residence solemnly held the Great Vu Lan – Filial Revenge.

With the testimony of Most Venerable Thich Minh Thien, Member of the Executive Council, Head of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Long An province, and the venerable leaders of the Provincial Executive Committee, Can Duc district, and monks and nuns in the area.

At the ceremony, Buddhists at Long Hoa nunnery planted roses for the attending Buddhists with bright roses, offering the deities a yellow rose with many noble meanings, a pure rose symbolizing for liberation, towards the Three Jewels, carrying out the path of propagating the Dharma for profit; At the same time, the gratitude towards the Three Jewels is also directed, honoring the venerable virtues for another year of the summer, the virtues are increased, and the propagation of the Dharma continues.

The representative of the Buddhists offered a poem to offer to the monks and nuns, to celebrate the birthday of the venerable and virtuous ones, and to take refuge in the Three Jewels to practice to repay the kindness of their parents in all eternity.

The venerable virtues prove the Vu Lan rose-setting ceremony – Filial piety

Most Venerable Thich Minh Thien Dao recalled the meaning and noble origin of the rite of lacing the rose, the four colors of flowers symbolizing the noble meaning in the Vu Lan – Filial Revenge season. The Venerable Master taught the monks and nuns of Long An province in general and Can Duoc district in particular, so he had time to chant Vu Lan sutras and carry out practical gratitude and gratitude programs to guide Buddhists towards journalism. repay their parents’ gratitude in reality, and at the same time remind the nuns at Long Hoa nunnery to always be firm on the path of practice, to maintain their faith in the protection and guidance of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Buddhist Sangha during the process. Buddhist practice.

The ritual of crossing the road and offering robes to celebrate Vu Lan Festival took place solemnly according to traditional rituals.

Venerable Thich Le Ngon preached

Venerable Thich Le Ngon preached

Before that, the Long Hoa nunnery had invited Venerable Thich Le Ngon, Deputy Head of the Department and Head of the Department of Evangelism of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha in the province to give a lecture.


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