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Another orchid season has returned, in the spirit of gratitude and gratitude of the Buddha’s children, Van Phuc Pagoda (Doai Hamlet, Phu Lo Commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi City) solemnly held the Great Ceremony Vu Lan Bao Hieu PL.2566 – DL.2022 with the participation of a large number of Buddhist people from all over the world.

Proving the ceremony were: Venerable Thich Tam Thuan – Standing member of the Central Committee for Propaganda, Standing Deputy of the Standing Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha Department of Hanoi; The Venerable Thich Chieu Tue – Member of the Buddhist Council, Deputy Head of the Central Committee for Propaganda, Deputy of the BTS – Head of the Department of Evangelism of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha in Hanoi; Venerable Thich Tri Dang – Deputy Head of the Buddhist Sangha Ceremonies Committee of Thua Thien Hue Province; Venerable Thich Vien Giac – Member of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha BTS in Hanoi, Head of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha BTS in Soc Son district and the Venerables, monks and nuns of the Van Phuc Patriarchate School.

On the side of the government, there were: Mr. Vu Manh Hai – Member of the Culture Committee of the Hanoi People’s Council; Mr. Vu Thanh Son – Secretary of Party Committee, General Director of Hapro Trading Company; Ms. Nguyen Hong Diep – Vice Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Soc Son district; Ms. Do Thi Thu Ha – Specialist of Religious Affairs Department, Department of Home Affairs, Soc Son District People’s Committee; Ms. Do Thi Huong – Deputy Head of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs Division of Soc Son district; Along with you leaders, representatives of the local authorities and departments attended the ceremony.

In a dignified atmosphere with smoke and incense, representatives of young Buddhists at Van Phuc Pagoda offered flowers and offerings to the Three Jewels, showing the filial piety and gratitude of the Buddha’s children.

Then there is the ceremony of setting the rose – a very sacred ritual that reminds each person to think about the virtue of being born into the deep upbringing of the two parents. On the liberating golden robes of the masters, each yellow rose is respectfully placed on the chest by the Buddhist representative. The yellow rose is the color of liberation like the unsurpassed bodhisattva robe, the color of wisdom, symbolizing renunciation, renunciation, non-attachment and the achievement of liberation. On the background of the song Roses in Ao Dai, lay Buddhists feel the sacredness and closeness when receiving roses, cherishing and carefully putting them on their chests. Roses are red when they have both parents, when they lose their parents but still have their mothers, they will wear pink flowers, white flowers for those who have lost both parents.

In that deep nostalgia, the public clasped their hands together and listened to the song “Sam Vu Lan”, to reminisce about the process of becoming a human, and the great merits of the two parents who gave birth to their children. but a lifetime of hard work.


Speaking at the ceremony, Venerable Thich Tam Thuan urged each Buddhist to always live in the spirit of gratitude and gratitude, not only during the Vu Lan season, but throughout life. Because from time immemorial, the Vietnamese people and Buddhism have met at one point – that is Hieu Dao. In Buddhism, there is a saying “Hearing heart is Buddha’s mind, Hieu’s behavior is Buddha’s conduct”. And proverbs have countless sentences highlighting the immense love like the sky and sea of ​​parents. Without our parents, we wouldn’t be the person we are today. Therefore, the Venerable Master hopes that for those who still have parents in the world, please love and care for them, as they have sacrificed for their children since they were born. As for those who are unlucky when they no longer have parents in the world to love, actively practice and do good deeds, bring merit back to their ancestors who have passed away for many lifetimes and be reborn in the Pure Land. , parents present money increase welfare increase life expectancy. That is the most practical and meaningful way of filial piety of Buddhists.

At the end of the ceremony, Buddhists dignifiedly presented offerings to the monks on the occasion of Vu Lan Bao Hieu – Celebrate the new year of the monks with all their utmost respect.


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