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On the occasion of the 3rd Buddhist Congress of Lai Chau Province, on the morning of July 26, leaders of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha Central Committee attended the ribbon-cutting to inaugurate phase 1 of Linh Son Pagoda, the first temple built in Lai Chau province. after 3 years of construction.

Present were Venerable Thich Thien Nhon, Chairman of the Executive Council of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha; Most Venerable Thich Thien Phap, Standing Vice Chairman of the Executive Council, Head of the Central Committee for Increase; Most Venerable Thich Thanh Nhieu, Standing Vice Chairman of the Executive Council, Head of the Buddhist Administration of Lai Chau Province, Abbot of Linh Son Pagoda; Venerables Vice Chairman of the Executive Council: Most Venerable Thich Bao Nghiem, Most Venerable Thich Quang Ha, Venerable Thich Duc Thien (cum-Secretary General); together with the venerables of the Standing Committee of the Executive Council, the Buddhist Executive Board of the Northwest provinces and leaders of the Party, State and government of Lai Chau province.

The venerables cut the ribbon to inaugurate the Tam Bao temple in Linh Son pagoda, the upper village of the pagoda and the opening of the general Hong. After that, at Dai Hung Bao Palace, spiritual ceremonies were held, the venerable monks sealed incense and white Buddha, worshiped the Three Jewels and chanted prayers to pray for the nation’s peace and prosperity.

It is known that Linh Son Pagoda was built with stones from 2019 to now, and phase 1 has been completed. This place is located as the Headquarters of the Buddhist Executive Board of Lai Chau province, becoming a work of the spiritual imprint of Buddhism. in the “land of flowers”. This can be considered as a cultural and spiritual milestone in the northwestern region of the country.


Linh Son Pagoda with the architecture of the lettering, the roof of the sword, the ancient wooden structure with the typical architecture of the northern pagoda culture, creates a harmonious and close landscape in life, meeting the needs of living and studying. for Buddhists in the province.

The pagoda is also the spiritual cultural center of Buddhism in Lai Chau province, where spiritual ceremonies and cultural exchanges are held between ethnic minorities in the Northwest mountainous region.


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