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At the age of 59, Jet Li took a break from art activities to enjoy family life and attend meditation courses.

On July 29, page 163 reported that Ly Lien Kiet was traveling in the Czech Republic with his second daughter Jada. The new image of the martial arts star is praised for being young, with a fresh face, and a strong aura like when he was in a healthy age.

“I went to the Czech Republic and attended a retreat. Thank you everyone for making my experience so special,” Jet Li wrote.

Fans care about health Jet Li After spending time in hiding to heal. In 2018, the actor once caused concern when he appeared with the image of being sick, losing his hair, walking unsteadily, in need of help, and looked like he had turned 80.

Ly Lien Kiet had a time of health exhaustion. Currently, the actor is healthy again. Photo: LLK.

After leaving the entertainment world, the 59-year-old actor made a pilgrimage to Wutai Mountain, meditating in a cave. “I see money as an object outside my body,” Ly Lien Kiet shared.

Jet Li’s family is currently in the US – where his two daughters are attending university. On the TV show Having an appointment with Lu Du, the actor sharing his acting took away the actor’s time for himself and his family. Therefore, Ly Lien Kiet chose to live a private life, putting all his heart into taking care of his wife and children when his peak was over.

The star, born in 1963, accompanies her youngest daughter Jada during treatment for depression. Ly Lien Kiet escorted his eldest daughter to the event, taking his wife on a trip to make up for the time when the family was neglected before.

Jet Li is the world’s top martial arts star, considered the pride of the Chinese screen. The actor’s recent work is the role of the emperor in Mulan 2021 (Mulan) produced by Disney.

Previously, actor Huo Nguyen Giap said he had been facing hyperthyroidism since 2010. Besides, Ly Lien Kiet also had problems with his spine. After a long time of treatment, the actor’s health is now more stable.

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