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The reason why the Trai Dan Trieu rite has hundreds of such short and long texts is because it comes from the great thought of great compassion, great vows, and transcendence of monks and nuns and Buddhists. .

The meaning of super-degree and high-level in the Mong Son rite of giving food (part I)

Musical harp – praying for super souls who died because of Covid-19 at Buu Da Pagoda

Super Du or Bat Do Ceremony

According to author Duc Hanh (in the article Mong Son gives food) then ritual Medical boy was born by the monastic masters of China and Vietnam (Hue – Binh Dinh) based on the saving thought of the Diem Khau Sutra as the foundation. Then continue to compile and manipulate many texts in the form of six words, seven words, six words, five languages, four words, two sentences or a piece of prose in the ritual. These short and long texts are intended to compose, pronounce, praise, worship the Buddhas, summon ten kinds of ghosts, hungry ghosts, undead realms, and speak Dharma language. The number of the above writings is more than a hundred, not to mention the Mong Son Diem Khau ritual. Among the hundreds of chants, chants, and worships that are sometimes mentioned, two most important incarnation Buddhas are mentioned in the ritual, which are Avalokitesvara and Ananda. This is seen in two articles: “The meeting of Mong Son’s rise to the top of the predestined … The teaching of true legitimacy saves the mystical island. Nan Da falsely entered the samadhi. Salvation of suffering Quan Am Thi Dien Nhien”. And the article “Tu set son Dien, Ananda dependent origination, Save suffering Quan Yin, manifest Demon Face”. And in this ceremony, Ksitigarbha was invited more by the penitent, because he was in the role of visiting and guiding the transmigration of beings in hell.

The reason why the Trai Dan Trieu rite has hundreds of such short and long texts is because it comes from the great thought of great compassion, great vows, and transcendence of monks and nuns and Buddhists. . When it comes to saving ghosts and ghosts, or in other words to make it easier for us to understand: saving a living human being from a thousand-meter-deep abyss will probably be ten thousand times easier than being released. from the dark, dark hell. Because when they were still alive, they did not practice praising and learning to learn the profound teachings of the Buddha, until they fell down in the Three Paths in a dark place, with invisible bodies shimmering like clouds like wind, Even though their minds still feel all kinds of suffering, hunger, thirst, coldness, but they still have the appearance of evil karma as ghosts, hungry ghosts, etc., how can they easily recognize the teachings? Righteous Dharma… Besides, if they have a pure and clear mind (and die), they will be freed by themselves. Otherwise, it will be more painful and dark, so when a person is born in a state of confusion, he will stay in the dark world for hundreds of years and even longer suffer from hunger, thirst, suffering, and coldness. Here, there are hundreds of homily, writings, sutras, verses, mantras, and monks chanting, chanting, Dharma speech, prostrations, seals, handcuffs on the table, echoing voices. , the melody awakens ghosts, ghosts, spirits and parties back to reality. During the 4 hours of the transcendental ritual, the 5 hours of the euthanasia ritual. It is the mysterious means that are considered as (technologies) in saving (rescuing) ghosts, ghosts, and ghosts from the dark hell, transcending to the upper realms (Pure Land). , Human, Heavenly) is due to the power of Three Treasures (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha) then this magic power must be multiplied many times to be able to open the dark minds of ghosts, ghosts, incense and parties so that they can return to their clarity and awakening. but make a big confession to the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha in order to be promoted to a good realm.

How to worship the soul in the Diem Khau Sutra

Worshiping tray at Trai dan diagnostician.

Worshiping tray at Trai dan diagnostician.

As mentioned above, in the sutras, it is clearly stated that the Buddha taught Ananda many items of alms for ghosts and hungry ghosts to be eaten with food, thoughts and feelings in the same order as buying food. cooked products, arranged on the deck with incense, flowers, tea and fruit. Puppets clasped their hands with one mind to invite the ancient Buddhas to the ashram to make sacrifices, to help sentient beings in the underworld eat and drink and listen to the teachings of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in an orderly and peaceful manner. Thanks to this magical power (retaining the magic mantra), the throat of the hungry ghost is enlarged, to be able to eat and drink even by physical contact, the real mind still feels satisfied. Because each ancient Buddha has a unique saving power that is so sublime as the Buddha Faced Natural King, whose name is Tieu Dien Dai Si (Avalokitesvara Buddha manifests) is first invited to the ashram to rule the monasteries. Underworld species generally go in order to the ashram. Next, pray to the 13 Buddhas in this section (see more in the Diem Khau Sutra).

In short, due to the Buddha Dharma’s ability to transform water, transform food into deep, subtle colors, it is inconceivable that the ability to transcend and save sentient beings in the practice of giving food turns into useful nectar. All sentient beings in the three worlds who have fallen to the devastation are able to eat and drink well enough, even if they eat with emotions or thoughts, they still feel full. It is worth mentioning here that, before offering food, the sentient beings of the 3 realms mentioned above all heard the 7 Buddhas say the instruction, the content recorded in the chanting ritual is: “Make a vow to give up greed, turn around and turn around. About the Three Jewels and the awakening of the Bodhi mind, he immediately got out of the realm of darkness and was born in the Pure Land. After that, the three realms of the underworld were invited by the Venerable Ananda to eat and drink. In the world, Venerable Ananda personally performed all the things: worshiping the Buddhas, summoning all kinds of hungry ghosts and ghosts to the ashram and inviting them to eat and drink. Ta Ba Ha mausoleum and An Nga Nga Nang Tam Ba, Pham Nhat Nhat Hong came to talk about the priceless Dharma giving, and the universal Dharma offering.

The content of food offerings for the hungry ghosts, the ghosts of the parties that the Buddha told the Venerable Ananda, is recorded in the Diem Khau Sutra with just that much as mentioned above, if not basic, It is also enough for the hungry ghosts and ghosts to eat, drink and listen to the Buddha’s teachings and be reborn in the Pure Land. This is the supreme law of victory because of the 13 ancient Buddhas and Bodhisattvas Tieu Dien Dai Dai, all of whom have super power, bless and protect them.

By the way, let’s learn about the meaning of the mantras in Mong Son giving food: Through the superior power of the 13 ancient Buddhas in the Diemkou Sutra, we can see and understand more about the meaning of the mantras. for, is a magical and inconceivable mantra and there are no words to explain it, because it is a profound and wonderful Buddhadharma. So the masters said, (Buddha is mantra, mantra is Buddha). This is clarified through the Great Compassion Sutra, commonly known as “the Great Compassionate La Ni mantra” (total maintenance-ability, ability to keep) including 84 ancient Buddha titles, so it cannot be explained. Eighty-four titles, including 32 incarnations of Avalokitesvara Buddha. The last title 84 is Ta Ba Ha, the Bodhisattva Tieu Dien Dai Si (ie Buddha Avalokitesvara incarnation).

Through the scriptures, it is also known that some familiar ancient Buddhas are present in the Great Compassion Mantra such as: Amitabha Buddha (Ma he ma he ri). Buddha Ca Lettuce (Ta Ba ha) with Mr. Ananda, Sariputra, Muc Kien Lien, Samantabhadra and Mr. Manjushri. Of the 84 incarnations of the ancient Buddhas in the Great Compassion Sutra, there are 35 female incarnations and 49 male incarnations.


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