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On the morning of July 29, 2022 (July 1, Nham Dan), at Lien Phai Pagoda (Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi) held the Great Ceremony of Vu Lan to pay filial piety PL.2566 under the guidance of HT.Thich Gia Quang – Vice Chairman of the Buddhist Council and Head of the Information and Communication Department of the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha, the abbot of Lien Phai Pagoda and a large number of Buddhists at Lien Phai Pagoda.

Another Vu Lan season is back, the petals of the heart begin to bloom. The season has sobbed the hearts of the Buddha’s children – the season of gratitude and filial piety of the religion. We all focus on the two people who were born and raised with sincere and warm feelings. Honoring parents is a very good and long-standing tradition of our Vietnamese people. That tradition from ancient times has been kept and passed down from generation to generation, to this day.

In the dignified and warm atmosphere, HT.Thich Gia Quang explained the meaning, origin and message of Vu Lan Festival. In the level of gratitude and gratitude of the nation, Buddhism has long cherished and taken filial piety as the first. The compatibility of that spirit has led to the examples of filial piety in the past as well as in the present, shining brightly and leaving their mark with time.

It is no coincidence that every year, on the full moon day of the seventh lunar month, Buddhism organizes a solemn ceremony of Vu Lan – Paying filial piety from the form of organization to the content with humanistic meaning on the spiritual level. culture.

According to the Venerable Master, the origin of the Vu Lan filial piety ceremony comes from the Vu Lan Sutra, where the Buddha told the story of the venerable Muc Kien Lien saving his mother, the deceased Mrs. To do this, Muc Kien Lien went to the Buddha and was taught by the Buddha: No matter how generous he is, he cannot save his mother, it must be thanks to the combined force of the monks in the ten directions. The full moon day of the seventh month is the day when the monks retire after three months of settling down, practice diligently, and have strong spiritual energy, which is an appropriate day, please prepare offerings on that day and ask the monks to pay attention to his mother. Following the Buddha’s words, Muc Kien Lien’s mother was liberated. Buddha also taught that sentient beings who want to pay filial piety to their parents also in this way (Vu Lan Bon Phap). Since then, Vu Lan festival was born.


The Venerable Master emphasized that the story of Mr. Muc Kieu Lien taught and reminded us how precious gratitude and filial piety is, and also taught us how to pray not only for our parents for many lives. life, but also need to serve and be filial to parents in the present time. Especially in today’s life with development in all aspects, spreading the spirit of filial piety and filial piety to the younger generation is very important and has great significance.


Also through here, the Venerable Master also wanted to remind Buddhists, let’s spread the good and humane message of Vu Lan Festival to children and young people, thereby contributing to society today. more advanced, more civilized.


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