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Most Venerable Thich Thien Nhon, Chairman of the Executive Council, has just signed the promulgation of the Announcement on the Great Festival of Vu Lan – Buddhist filial piety 2566 (Calendar 2022).

Accordingly, the Notice No. 317/TB-HDTS sent to the Central Committees and Institutes; Executive Boards of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha of provinces and cities; Monks and nuns, Buddhists at pagodas and monasteries; content: Vu Lan is a major holiday in Buddhism. Organizing the annual Vu Lan Festival is one of the methods to practice the vows of gratitude, gratitude, and filial piety of monks and nuns, followers, and lay Buddhists following the virtues of Mr. Muc Kien Lien in the Buddhist scriptures. teacher.

With the tradition of filial piety, drinking water, remembering the source of the nation and spiritual beliefs of worshiping ancestors of our Vietnamese people, Vu Lan festival of Buddhism has been blended with the philosophy and custom of worshiping on the full moon day. In the seventh month of the lunar calendar, Vu Lan festival is formed. Vu Lan season – Paying filial piety has become the traditional culture of the Vietnamese people for thousands of years. This is the time for each person to practice and inculcate the vows of filial piety and filial piety to their parents, grandparents and loved ones, and also a time to remember and be grateful to the national heroes, heroic spirits. Heroic Martyrs, Ancestors, and Nine Lost Ancestors of families in the whole society.

Vu Lan season – Filial piety has become a traditional culture for thousands of years of the nation

In order to solemnly organize the Great Festival of Vu Lan – Paying filial piety to the Buddha calendar 2566 – Solar calendar 2022, serving the spiritual and religious needs of Buddhists and the people, the Standing Board of the Board of Directors proposed the Board, the Institute The Central Committee, the Executive Board of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha at all levels and the pagodas, monasteries, monks and nuns, followers, and lay Buddhists have well implemented the following organizational contents:

1. Organization time

– From the 1st day, the full moon day, and the days in July, Nham Dan.

– Main festival: Full moon day of July, Nham Dan (ie 12/8-2022).

2. Venue

– At the monasteries of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha.

– Commemorating, gratitude, and praying for super heroes Heroic Martyrs at Martyrs’ cemeteries.

– In public places, cultural centers, headquarters of companies, the implementation must be approved by the authorities at all levels.

– At the homes of Buddhist families. Note that if there is a large number of families participating in the organization, it must be approved by the local government.

3. Program content

– Chanting the Vu Lan Sutra, the Patriarchal filial piety, the Muc Lien Samadhi Sutra, the Amitabha Sutra, etc., to pray for super progress, the heroic spirit, the Hero of the Martyrs, the Nine Legend of the Lost Ancestors.

– Preaching the meaning of Vu Lan – Paying filial piety.

– Rite of the Rose lapel to honor the merits of the birth of the Parents.

– The ceremony of lighting gratitude candles and distributing flowers in memory of the heroic heroes, Heroes and Martyrs and the seven ancestors.

– Art program of the Father and Mother (if any).

4. Implementation organization

– The Executive Board of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha of provinces and cities has a plan to guide and assist monastic institutions in the organization of the Vu Lan – Gratitude Ceremony.

– Note in the stage of organizing ceremony shopping, avoid organizing the collection of money to buy ceremonies in the form of spiritual services and rituals that are not in line with the Dharma and traditional rituals. Don’t burn a lot of votive paper. It is advisable to carry out practical charity works to help the poor to transform into good karma to pay filial piety to ancestors and parents.

– Well done the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic.

For the solemnity and significance of the Great Festival of Vu Lan – Beloved, we respectfully request the Board, the Central Institute, the Executive Board of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha of the provinces and cities to implement and thoroughly grasp the content of this circular to the monasteries. and all monks, nuns and Buddhists perform solemnly.


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