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On the morning of July 26, 2022 (on June 28 of the lunar year), at hamlet 5, Thanh Hoa commune, Ben Luc district, Long An province, the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of Kenh Ngang 1 Bridge took place.

Proving and attending the ceremony were: Most Venerable Thich Minh Thien- Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee for Dissemination of the Law, Head of the Executive Board of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Long An province, TT. Thich Duc Hoang- Deputy Executive Board of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, Long An province, DD. Thich Thien Khoa – Standing Deputy of the Executive Board of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, Ben Luc district.

On the side of the government were Mr. Pham Van Khanh – Vice Chairman of Thanh Hoa Commune People’s Committee, Mr. Duong Ngoc Ngung Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Thanh Hoa Commune and representatives of the local people in hamlet 5.

Representative of the sponsors are Nun Thich Nu Tu Bi and Buddhist monk Tinh That Huong Nghiem, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City.

It is known that the bridge was sponsored by Tam Tin Buddhists, nuns, and Buddhist monks of Huong Nghiem Pagoda. Kenh Ngang Bridge 1 is 15m long, 3m wide, built with reinforced concrete, with a total cost of 180 million VND, of which the Nuns and Buddhist monks Tinh That Huong Nghiem sponsored 150 million VND, the rest is funded by local people. contribution side.

Speaking at the ceremony HT. Thich Minh Thien sends his gratitude to Abbot Tinh That Huong Nghiem as well as the nuns and philanthropists who have helped the locality build a bridge so that local people can easily travel, especially during the rainy and stormy seasons. the need to transport agricultural products and students to school. On this occasion, the Venerable Master sent his best wishes for health to the local leaders of Thanh Hoa commune, the patrons of immeasurable peace, happiness and auspiciousness.


Representatives of the local government send their sincere thanks and best wishes to the Long An Buddhist Monks, Ben Luc Buddhist Monks, Buddhist Nuns and Buddhists Tinh That Huong Nghiem and Tam Tin Buddhists who have helped the locality. having a solid rural traffic bridge, contributing to the commune gradually completing the target of achieving the title of new rural area in the near future.


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