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Is our purpose in life happiness? As a human, who doesn’t want to be happy, who doesn’t want to live a carefree, carefree life.

Classification of groups of happy people in society

Group of people in peace

These are people who are satisfied with their lives. They do not pursue luxury things that are out of reach. For them, happiness is living a healthy life with family and loved ones. They accept a simple life, an ordinary job and silently dedicate themselves to life.

Wishing group

These are people with ambition and knowledge. They have status, money, and what everyone else wants in life. Happiness for them is accomplishing goals, burning with passion. Then they can enjoy life from the values ​​they have created.

Escape group

These are people who want to be isolated from the painful physical life. They have understood the truth of life and found a way out of the cycle of samsara. Their happiness is being serenely practiced and integrated with nature. they are no longer attached to craving, no longer delusional, and have infinite wisdom.

Having a healthy body is a blessing. Cherish every moment of your life.

Buddhist concept of happiness

According to Buddhism, true happiness only comes when people give up greed, hatred and delusion, realize and control themselves. At that time, people will achieve Nirvana and happiness right in this life.

Nirvana in the Buddhist concept is not something too far away to achieve. Nirvana is available in everyone’s mind. The Buddhadharma is just a torch that lights the way for us to go to a place of real peace.

In the Dharma Bao Dan Sutra, the Sixth Patriarch Hui Neng wrote: “Teach yourself, practice by yourself, see your Dharma body, see the Buddha in your own heart, and save yourself.” Thus, the path to Nirvana is the way we can rely on our own strength to go. We should not aspire to it in any other way, nor should we crave it and run after it regardless.

Listen to Buddha's words to be happier every day

Listen to Buddha’s words to be happier every day

15 teachings of Buddha to live happily

1. The past no matter how bad, we can still start over.

2. Today is the most important day. Every morning when you wake up, keep smiling.

3. Having a healthy body is a blessing. Cherish every moment of your life.

4. A person is the result of what he thinks. Nurture purity, happiness will follow you.

5. Purity, and simplicity are the wings of sublimation.

6. Your mind is the scariest cheater. Others only fool you for a moment, but it will deceive you for a lifetime.

7. Hatred is like red coal. If you hold it tightly, you will get burned before throwing it to others.

8. Those who don’t have greed don’t expect, if they don’t expect, they won’t be afraid.

9. People with wisdom are as solid as a stone table. They are not swayed by the storm of compliments and criticisms.

10. Things that don’t belong to you, don’t be stubborn. Sometimes letting go is the happiness of life.

11. Clinging mind is the source of suffering.

12. The universe is inherently impermanent. Joy and pain, no matter how great, do not last forever.

13. If you don’t realize and be grateful for what you have. You will never find true happiness.

14. Be careful in your thoughts, words and actions. Cause and effect spare no one.

15. A single spark can burn an entire forest. A small snake can kill you. Don’t think small things can be taken for granted.


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