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“Keep your oral karma, become half Buddha”. It is a reminder to practice for women at home as well as ordination of monk Ms. Chieu Phap at Phat Hoa Thien Tu, one of the 5 largest ancient temples at Cuu Hoa mountain, Thanh Duong district, Anh Huy province, China. Country.

Immortal image and indestructible body of Sister Chieu Phap

Sister Chieu Phap was born on March 12, Dong Tri year 11 of the Qing Dynasty (1866). In February 1994, because of old age, she became ill, so she took refuge in Phat Hoa Thien Tu and worshiped shaman Tich Van as a teacher. Shaman Tich Van treated her for 4 months, then completely recovered. From the time she left home to the time of her death, the nun never said a single redundant word reciting Amitabha Buddha; someone asked questions, if it is related to the practice, then directly declare and teach; If it is not related to the practice, then keep silent and do not say a word. The nun lived a very simple life, all food, accommodation, and transportation were taken care of by herself, never asking for help from others. The heart of the nun is very compassionate, good men and women who visit, the nuns pat the top of their heads to bless them; with people suffering from tormenting diseases, the nun often massages and pats them to help ease their pain; She always practiced the Bodhisattva path to save the world full of suffering. On November 20, 2002, the nun passed away at the age of 136. Five years later, on December 8, 2007, the shaman Tich Van checked that the nun’s body was still not rotting, so he used gold inlaid and set up a shrine to worship.

The nun once taught that: “Women, whether they practice at home or leave home, if they can keep their oral karma, they have become half Buddhas. Should know:

– Vocabulary karma is the most difficult karma for women to control.

– Oral karma is the biggest obstacle preventing women from witnessing the Way.

– Vocal karma is the most fatal blow to the practice of female cultivation.

– Oral karma is the main cause of causing women to fall into evil paths.

– Oral karma is the biggest reaction to the female rebirth in the West.

– Oral karma makes the ashram not pure, non-continuous market.

– Oral karma makes the Sangha not harmonized, the Dharma declines.

– Oral karma causes sentient beings to rot in their hearts and minds, cutting off the good roots of others.

The sins of verbal karma are extremely heavy, if female monks do not stop eliminating the four types of oral karma: lying, evil speech, double talk, and gossip, they will suffer immeasurable suffering in the three evil paths for many lifetimes. many lives, do not know when to get out. Therefore, when dealing with people, they should be careful to keep their words and words so that they can not fall down in samsara and suffer in the evil way.

Namo Amitabha Buddha!”

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