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On the morning of August 7, 2022, at the Vietnam Buddhist Academy in Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh City, the Most Venerable Most Venerable Thich Tri Quang, the Dharma Master of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, and the President of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha, had a Dharma talk for more than 1,200 monks and nuns and 1,000 Buddhists with the topic: “Practical meaning of the search for supplication”. .

German Ruler of Law said that for a long time in the Vietnamese Buddhist cultural tradition, Vu Lan is an occasion when each Buddha’s son performs a funeral ceremony for his grandparents and parents who are present if they have passed away and in previous lives to remind them. remind us to always remember the gratitude of our relatives and relatives. In the Sutra, when bowing to a pile of dry bones, the Buddha said that among them were sentient beings who had been his father and mother in past lives. Therefore, our relatives and friends throughout the past countless eons of samsara are extremely great, we should not rest, stop practicing meritorious deeds, dedicate and pray for them to be reborn soon. to a place of leisure or to a peaceful Buddha land. And in the present life, when we meet each other, practice together and practice Buddhism, it means that we have long become each other’s bodhisattva. Therefore, we must know how to love and protect each other; together guide, support and support each other on the path to liberation from suffering, enlightenment and becoming a Buddha.

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The Venerable Elder Venerable also taught that in this life, there are many Bodhisattvas, Thanh Vans, Pratyekabuddhas, and Saints because of their aspiration to save lives and help sentient beings get rid of the earthly labors and sufferings. but reappear in the form of monks and nuns, lay people. For example, at the Vietnam Buddhist Academy in Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, in Ho Chi Minh City, there are more than 1,200 monks and nuns participating in religious studies, trained in Buddhist studies to the right place, cultivated. precepts – concentration – wisdom full, is a pure row, the Sangha deserves to be a great field of merit for heaven and earth to make offerings to. Therefore, the day monks and nuns retire together is the day when the pure monks gather in one place to stay together, this is a rare good predestined condition for lay people to make offerings, will have immeasurable and difficult blessings. but think. Main Bodhisattva Muc Kien Lien By making offerings to a large assembly of monks and nuns on the fourth day of their lives, they dedicate the merit to help the mother who is falling into the miserable life of a hungry ghost to be reborn in the heavens to enjoy happiness, peace and happiness.

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As Buddhists, we need to nurture, preserve, and promote bodhichitta, compassion, and a large and generous heart of joy and equanimity. Not only each Vu Lan season, but all seasons and days of the year, we must always remember, be grateful and set up a prayer ceremony not only for our parents and relatives for many generations, but also for all of us. Beings are suffering a lot in hell and hungry ghosts. Reaching out to help them is helping us, because each of us in the cycle of reincarnation more or less has or will become grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, spouses, children, relatives, friends, etc. .. of each other. Therefore, a devout Buddhist must know how to open his heart to tolerance and love all sentient beings, whether alive or dead. Let us guide and support each other to overcome suffering; become a bodhisattva; Together, we can study Buddhism so that everyone’s life becomes brighter, more holy, more peaceful, and more sublimated and upward on the path of liberation.

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