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Does everyone have the strength and determination to overcome the craggy, craggy road with dozens of mountain peaks in 2 days and 1 night to satisfy their desire to conquer the “Roof of Indochina”?

When will old people and children set foot on this mysterious sacred mountain?

Maybe a dream will always be just a dream…

Those were my outbursts of emotions on the last day of April 2011, after successfully conquering the “Roof of Indochina”. Despite the difficulties, the journey of 2 days and 1 night to reach the top of the windy and foggy peak, at the top of the symbol engraved with Fansipan 3,143 m on a large stone, is still beyond my imagination. .

From the slippery rocky streams, the old forest, the messy path of bamboo roots and tree roots to the steep cliffs, you have to use iron ladders and cling to ropes to climb, making your calves feel like you can’t lift them. . Then when the night “falls” at an altitude of 2,800 m, the fog is getting thicker and denser, so cold that the hair wants to stand up and the fingertips and toes are numb and can’t feel. Under the blankets, we lay listening to the sound of the rain on the roof of the shack, the sound of the wind howling like a storm in the ancient forest.


Returning to Fansipan after more than 10 years, I can’t believe that the journey through the craggy, steep rocky road with dozens of mountain peaks in 2 days and 1 night is an experience of “flying” to the top in just 20 clock minutes.


Stepping into the spacious cabin that can accommodate more than 30 people, from the initial feeling of nervousness and anxiety, I burst out looking at the entire Muong Hoa valley with beautiful villages and terraced fields below. It is wonderful to experience the cabin going through the floating white clouds, then looking down at the ancient old forest, feeling the grandeur of the great thousand Hoang Lien. This season, the rhododendrons are blooming into beautiful flowers.

Following the rotation of the giant 3-wire cable system, the cabin soared along the slope. Instead of having to walk for a few days and nights, after only 20 minutes sitting in the cabin, I shouted with joy because I could see the sea of ​​white clouds floating as beautiful as a fairyland on the “Roof of Indochina”.


It is known that right at the opening ceremony, Fansipan cable car was honored to be recognized by Guinness World Records with two records: the 3-wire cable car system has the largest difference between the departure and arrival stations in the world and also It is the longest 3-wire cable car system in the world. Up to now, in the world, no cable car route has broken the record of height difference of Fansipan cable car system.


Four seasons on the white clouds, the festivals of fluttering skirts and trumpets, the journey to the world of Fansipan is likened by many to the miracle of miracles named “Vietnam”, of perseverance and resilience. and proud as a red flag with a yellow star with the color of the country still proudly flying every day at the sacred peak of the nation.


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