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On August 11, at Tu Dam Communal House (Hue City), the Executive Board of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (UBCV) in TT Hue province held the Great Festival of Vu Lan – Buddhist calendar 2566, solar calendar 2022.

Attending the ceremony were Mr. Nguyen Nam Tien – UVTV Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of TT Hue province; Nguyen Thanh Binh – UVTV Provincial Party Committee, Vice Chairman of TT Hue Provincial People’s Committee; Nguyen Chi Tai – UVTV Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Department of Mass Mobilization of TT Hue Provincial Party Committee and representatives of departments, departments and branches.

Leaders of TT Hue province attended the Vu Lan festival

Festival of Vu Lan – Buddhist calendar 2566, solar calendar 2022 is held from July 11-15 in the year of the Tiger (on August 8-12, 2022) at Tu Dam Communal House with many traditional rituals.

At the ceremony, monks, nuns, Buddhists and people were given a lecture on the meaning of Vu Lan’s filial piety holiday, the way of being human, the spirit of Buddhism, and at the same time participating in the rituals. This is an opportunity for monks, nuns and Buddhists to express their children’s gratitude and filial piety to their ancestors. Pray for the glory of the country, the longevity of the Dharma, the peace of the world, and the peacefulness of all sentient beings.

Vu Lan festival has practical educational significance on filial piety, the tradition of “Drink water, remember the source”, promoting human values ​​and cultural beauty of the nation. philosophy, daily worship full moon in July In the lunar calendar, Vu Lan festival – filial piety. This is a time for each person to practice and inculcate the vow of filial piety to their parents, grandparents and loved ones, and also a time to remember and pay tribute to national heroes and heroic spirits. doctor.


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