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So, bhikkhus, if you go forth into the Dharma to bring about the Path and Fruit, if you give up your efforts, you will be sad for a long time, like the merchant Seriva who lost a golden bowl worth a hundred thousand coins. yellow. The bhikkhus asked the Blessed One to analyze this matter.

If this is you rotten…

World Honored One This Dhamma talk while at Sāvatthi also refers to a bhikkhu who renounced diligence. When he was brought to the Teacher by the bhikkhus, in a case like the one before the Master said:

“Bhikkhus, if you go forth into the Dharma to bring about the Path and Fruition, if you give up diligence, you will suffer for a long time, like the merchant Seriva who lost a golden bowl worth a hundred thousand dong. gold money.

The bhikkhus asked the Blessed One to analyze this matter. The Blessed One clarified the meaning through the following past story:

Five kalpas ago, the Bodhisatta was in the country of Seri, working as a merchant and was called Serivan.

Serivan, with another greedy bowler, crossed the Talavaha river into Andhapura, divided the streets of the city, selling his wares on the divided road. The other person takes his own path.

In that city, there was a family of millionaires who had fallen. All sons, brothers, sisters and property were lost. The survivors were a daughter and a grandmother, both of whom lived as hired laborers for others. But in the house there is a golden bowl, once used by the great millionaire to eat rice. That bowl had been thrown in the middle of the other bowls that had not been used for a long time, and it was covered with dirt. They did not know that the bowl was made of gold. At that time, the greedy merchant, as he was walking, declared:

– Take the water pot, take the water pot.

And to the door of the house. The daughter saw him and said to her grandmother:

– Ma’am, get me a piece of jewelry.

– Hey, dear, we are very poor, what do we exchange for water clams?

– Having a bowl doesn’t help us. Let’s exchange this for tea.

She called the merchant, took a chair, invited him to sit, gave him the bowl, and said:

– Hey, man, take this and give me something in return.

The Buddha’s predecessor took care of his blind elderly parents


The merchant holding the bowl thought, “This bowl can be made of gold”, turning the bowl in his hand, scraping a line with a needle on the back of the bowl, knowing that the bowl is gold, he thinks: “No need for these people. anything, I will take the bowl,” and said:

– How much does this item cost? Its price is not worth half a penny.

The man threw his bowl on the ground, stood up from his seat, and left. Then there was an agreement between the two merchants that when one had entered the road and left, the other could enter it. So the Bodhisatta went down that road and proclaimed:

– Who took the water pot?

And go to the door of that house. The daughter spoke to her grandmother as before. Grandma said to her:

– My dear son, the merchant who came first threw his bowl on the ground and left, now what can we give to get it?

– Madam, that merchant is rude. And this person has a cute face, soft-spoken. Chances are this person took it.

– Then call them back.

The girl called the man back.

When he entered the house and sat down, they showed the bowl. He knew that the bowl was made of gold and said:

– Mom, this bowl is worth a hundred thousand gold coins. I don’t have in my hands a commodity as valuable as this bowl.

“Sir, the merchant who came forward said that this was not worth half a penny, threw the bowl on the ground and left. Now this bowl, thanks to your merit, has become of gold. So we give you this bowl. Give us a little something, take a bowl and go.

At that time the Bodhisatta had eight hundred gold coins in hand and goods worth five hundred gold coins, so he gave it all and said:

– Let me keep the balance, the basket and the eight gold coins.

After asking for it, he took the bowl and left. He quickly went to the riverbank, gave the boatman eight coins, and climbed into the boat. Then the greedy merchant returned and said:

– Bring the bowl, I’ll give you something.

The forerunner of Bodhisattva Universal Worthy



But the old woman rebuked him:

“I think our golden bowl, worth a hundred thousand dong, is not worth half a penny!” But a true merchant, like your teacher, gave us a thousand gold coins, took the bowl and left.

Hearing this, he lamented:

– I have lost the golden bowl worth one hundred thousand gold coins. It really is the bandit who harmed me.

That greedy merchant gave rise to worries and sorrows, could not concentrate his mind, became mad, and scattered gold coins and goods by his own hands in front of that house, throwing away his clothes, robes, and hands. hold the balance like a stick and follow the bodhisattva’s path to the riverbank. Seeing that the Bodhisatta had crossed the river, he desperately cried out:

– Boatman, come back.

But the Bodhisatta stopped him and said:

– Don’t go back.

Seeing the Bodhisatta gradually go away, his sorrow and anxiety arose, his heart burned, hot blood gushed out of his mouth, and his heart cracked like mud at the bottom of a pool of water. Due to hatred against the Bodhisattva, that person died on the spot. This was the first time Devadatta had a hatred against the Bodhisattva. As for bodhisattvas, throughout his life he does meritorious deeds such as giving alms… and then follows his karma.

After giving this Dharma talk, the Perfectly Enlightened One read the verse:

If this is you rotten

Not aiming for magic,

You will suffer for a long time

Like a serial dealer.

Thus, after the Master preached this Dharma talk leading to the summit of Arahantship, he preached the Four Truths.

At the end of that lecture, the Male-stilts gave up the effort to attain the supreme fruit of Arahantship.

Having told the two stories and put them together, the Master identified the Predecessor:

At that time, the foolish merchant was Devadatta, and the wise merchant was I.

Vietnamese translation: HT. Like Minh Chau


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