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The teacher’s parents, partly because they are old and tired, and partly because they do not dare to look up to the world, do not recognize their child even though the distance is not far. It is also difficult to recognize, because in the past their son was a white-footed scholar with a smooth face.

It happened at Buddha stayed at Ky Vien with the Male-stilts. Now in the city of Sāvat there lived a rich merchant, with a fortune of one hundred and eighty million, who had a very lovely son. One day, the boy went upstairs, opened the door, looked down the street, and saw a crowd of people carrying incense and flowers going to the Ky Vien monastery to listen to the Buddha preach. Seeing this, he aroused the desire to go, immediately ordered to bring incense flowers and offerings to Ky Vien monastery, offer clothes, medicine, and food to the community of monks and pay respects to the Blessed One, and then sit down. down the side…

After listening to the Buddha’s teaching, he realized the evil effects caused by lust and the blessings brought by the spiritual life. Then when the assembly left, he stayed to ask the Blessed One to let him be ordained and ordained. But the Tathagata told him that he would not give precepts to anyone who had not asked his parents’ permission. So he left Ky Vien to ask for permission from his family. However, because he was the only son, his parents loved him too much, so they did not agree. He immediately showed his determination by going on a hunger strike, fasting for a week, finally being approved by his parents, he returned to the Ky Vien monastery and asked for ordination. The World-Honored One then asked a bhikkhu to perform the ordination ceremony for him.

After monastic life for about 5 years, the new bhikkhu was well-versed in the Dharma and was praised by the Elders and the masses for his virtue. Then this monk thought, must be more diligent to reach the end of meditation, to achieve the goal of liberation from birth and death of the Noble One. He immediately asked permission from the people to go to a border village, live in the deep forest to practice meditation. However, this bhikkhu did not achieve any special ideas, even though he had practiced diligently for 12 years, his mind was still not concentrated.

Buddha said: “filial piety to the birth is a noble blessing”


Also during this time, events in the teacher’s parents’ family continued to occur. The former wealthy merchant now became poor because the tenants or salesmen did not see any children coming to collect the crops, so they took all their possessions and fled. And the servants and servants in the house robbed each other, stole all the gold and silver, and fled. In the end, the merchant and his wife fell into terrible debt, they had to sell their house to pay the debt and live and live in extreme poverty. Later they had to beg, wearing ragged clothes and holding a broken bowl in their hands.

As for their only son, he spent ten years living a monastic life, specializing in meditation in the border region, with no family news. One day, an elder traveled to the residence of a monk, and he received him very kindly. When he learned that the Elder was from Ky Vien, the bhikkhu-stilts inquired about the health of the Buddha and the great disciples, then inquired about his parents, a well-known merchant in Sāvatthi. It was painful to the shock, the Male-stilts knew that his family was bankrupt, both of them were in a very tragic situation, had to beg. After listening, the teacher could not help but shed tears of love for his parents. Faced with that situation, the Elder advised him to return to serve and take care of his parents when the shadow of old age fell into a situation of extreme poverty.

He has made a mind to leave home, following the divine call to seek the truth of liberation, but his elderly parents in remote areas are always their own beliefs, guarding their hearts. After ten years of practice, the school has not been certified, but now it has received terrible news, so the heart is even more confused. The bhikkhu-stilts thought: “For 12 consecutive years, I have been diligently practicing meditation but have not been able to attain the path or fruition, perhaps I am incompetent. So what can we do with this holy life? If only I would return to being a householder to take care of elderly parents and give away wealth. In this way, I was finally born in the heavenly world.” After thinking about it, he decided to return.

Reincarnation, a sad decision of the Male-stilts but respectable and precious; the teacher returned to caring for parents. Because how can you meditate with peace of mind when your parents are ragged, hungry, and wandering around the corner of the street. At least before becoming a Saint of liberation, the Male-stilts must fulfill the duties and responsibilities of human beings; must be filial to their parents by doing the most practical to repay the deep grace of nurturing birth. The Buddha also taught, is the duty of being a son to respect his parents, the merit is like the sky and the sea?

The next day, the bhikkhu said goodbye to the mountains and forests, packed his towel and went downhill, crossing many roads, he came to the back of the Ky Vien monastery, not far from the city of Sāvatthi. There, he saw two roads, one to Ky Vien, the other to Savat to return home. Standing there, the bhikkhu immediately thought: “Do I visit my parents first or the Buddha first?”. Then he said to himself: “If I return, I will always see my mother and father, from now on I will have less opportunity to see the Blessed One; So let’s see the Perfectly Enlightened One today and listen to the Dharma talk, and then tomorrow I’ll visit my parents.”

So the Male-stilts entered the Viennese monastery in the evening. The next morning, the Master, while meditating on the causes and conditions of living beings in the world, saw his potential for enlightenment, so when he and other monks came to see the Blessed One, he applauded. Praise the merit of taking care of parents. After listening to the sermon, the bhikkhu thought: “If I become a householder, I can take care of my parents, but the Master also teaches: A son who goes home can still help and support his parents. his parents. Therefore, we can still take care of our parents and still maintain a spiritual life, but not be a householder.” Thinking so, the teacher took the card along with the porridge and food items distributed according to his card. However, he felt ashamed and blameworthy because after 12 years of trying to meditate, he had not yet achieved the path and fruition.

The next morning, the bhikkhu left Jetavana to go to Sāvatthi. On the way, he thought to himself: “Should I go get porridge first or visit my parents first?”. I found that visiting my parents while they were poor without anything as a gift was really unethical. Thinking so, he went to beg for food and porridge first, then followed the old trail back to the old house. The teacher’s house is still there, but the owner has changed. As soon as he saw his parents sitting under the shade of a tree next to the wall of his house, he couldn’t hold back his tears. No wonder impermanent changes seem to be in the blink of an eye. The old scene of the old people is still there, but the change of owner and throne is so cruel and heartbreaking.

Worldly filial piety



The teacher’s parents, partly because they are old and tired, and partly because they do not dare to look up to the world, do not recognize their child even though the distance is not far. It is also difficult to recognize, because in the past their son was a white-footed scholar with a smooth face. And now, the bare-headed, bare-footed Male-stilts are standing right in front of them, so different from their old son. He stood as silent as stone. His mother thought that it was a recluse waiting for alms, so she said: “We are very poor, we have nothing to give to you, please work hard to go somewhere else”. He remained motionless even though she mentioned it for the third time. Finally, as if sensing something, she got up and ran, and realizing her son immediately fell at the teacher’s feet and wept, the father also cried. So much nostalgia, so much sorrow, all poured out. He couldn’t help but cry like a very delicious baby.

Waiting for the emotion to pass, the Male-stilts said: “Parents don’t be sad anymore, from now on I will take care of them”. So after consoling and offering porridge to his parents, he told them to wait by the roadside, then go out and beg for food, bring back food for them to eat, and then go begging for food for himself. After noon, he found a place to rest and meditate, not far from where his parents sat. From then on, the Male-stilts take care of their parents in this way; The teacher gave his parents alms food for himself, including items such as towels, raincoats, etc. that the benefactors gave, and he also went for alms many times to feed the three of them.

However, begging is not always abundant. There are days when he gets very little alms, and there are days when he gets nothing at all. In those days, he spent all his meals for his parents, while he was hungry, drank cold water, and meditated. Therefore, gradually he became pale and thin. The other bhikkhus, seeing this, said: “Your skin was once bright, but now it is too pale, what disease must it be?”. He sincerely told his current family situation to fellow practitioners. Another teacher loved you very much, but felt something was not quite right, so he said: “Sir, I have never heard the Master allow us to waste the offerings of our patrons. You have done illegal work by bringing the offerings of the donors to lay people.”

Hearing you say this, the bhikkhu-stilts bowed his head in shame, ready to accept all mistakes if reprimanded by the Blessed One. The other bhikkhus sympathized with your situation, but in turmoil in their hearts, they spoke to the Blessed One:

“World-Honored One, there is a monk who has wasted his offerings and given them to the worldly people.

The Buddha immediately called the young bhikkhu to come and asked:

– Did he have left home but still took the offerings of the donors and brought them to lay people?

The teacher bowed his head in confession. Then the Master, wishing to commend his work, asked:

– What kind of worldly people do you bring with your alms-food?

“World-Honored One, those are my parents.

At that time the Blessed One wanted to encourage his work even more, and he said three times:

– Good luck! Auspicious instead! He is walking the old road that I went through, in the old days when I went for alms, I also took care of My parents.

The bhikkhu was very happy when the Buddha…


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