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I do not dare to hope that my life will come to Buddha’s hometown once, nor do I dare to think that there will be a time when I will kneel by King Asoka’s stone pillar to recite the New Year’s Eve prayer, so my heart rejoices. stinging eyes.

It’s strange, I’ve seen Buddha eyes like that somewhere, but somehow the eyes of Buddha in Lumbini attract me so strongly. His eyes are big and wide, soft like lotus petals with blue-black irises…

Gently taking off my shoes and gently stepping into the sacred temple to pay respects to the Buddha’s footprints imprinted on the stone, touching my head on the old bricks that someone inlaid with gold, I heard a surge of boundless happiness. . From the depths of my memory, the words of my childhood resounded in me:

“All the birds sing to celebrate the fragrant leaves and flowers

Bright rays of light shine throughout the mountains and rivers

The tree has no concern so far, sentient beings always remind me

Where Lumbini also recorded many happy days…”.

The well where Buddha was born in Nepal

The well where Buddha was born in Nepal

Those happy days in Lumbini are long gone, but more than 2,500 years. And today, the Buddha’s children, including me, come here to hope to enjoy a little bit of remaining joy – happy to hear tears overflowing, because of the golden age of the Buddha’s body, nirvana; self-made brain coat multi-karma, real Tathagata metal body. Sitting on the old brick steps, I reminisced, obviously, with those brick floors, Lumbini had a very glorious time with thousands of robes glowing in the sun and powerful, flying prayers. scholarship…

My heart suddenly softened when I saw that, after more than a thousand years of being forgotten, Lumbini is now also full of kasha shadows. On the other side of the grass was a Tibetan monk, with a striking red robe, leaning towards the stone pillar, prostrating to the ground. Under the shade of a certain tree, on a wooden bench, was a monk in yellow robes calmly sitting. There were even a few Indian monks sitting and reading sutras under the Bodhi tree… The sacred garden space suddenly became deep and quiet. An inner vitality is smoldering, spreading on every branch and blade of grass. I quietly sat down on a bench and meditated. While listening to the breath, the Buddha’s eyes on the tower kept coming to my mind. I opened my eyes and felt the Buddha lovingly looking at me…


Behind Buddha

It’s strange, I’ve seen Buddha eyes like that somewhere, but somehow the eyes of Buddha in Lumbini attract me so strongly. His eyes are big and wide, soft like lotus petals with blue-black irises. The middle white feathered general blocked his eyebrows like a crescent moon, twisted like a third eye. In particular, the nose bent like a question mark. The artist who painted those eyes is so magical, the right eye shape in the 32 good signs of Buddha. Thank you for clearing the four great seas – four big seas in the blue eyes…

The Flame of Peace in Lumbini

The Flame of Peace in Lumbini

I later learned that such Buddha eyes are common throughout Nepal and some temples in Tibet. But only in Nepal, those Buddha eyes are the symbol of Buddhism in this land of Tuyet Son. Almost anywhere in Nepal, one can buy souvenirs with Buddha’s eyes. However, for me personally, when I see Buddha’s eyes with his nose shaped like a question mark (in Nepali characters, this question mark is the number 1 – the symbol of one of all, as well as the only way to enlightenment through enlightenment). through the Buddha’s teachings), I am reminded of Lumbini. His eyes are filled with compassion and wisdom, the eyes of a Statue King, the eyes of a Dharma King:

“At the top of a high mountain,

Looking around,

The crowd at his feet.

Likewise, Mr. Thien swore,

Climb up the Dharma floor,

Turn labels, not melancholy,

Looking down at the crowd

Suffering from grief,

Being oppressed by old age.

Hero, stand up,

Victory of the battlefield,

The leader of the caravan,

Who is freed from debt,

Let the Blessed One preach the Dharma,

Walking around the world,

Someone asked to hear,

Will understand the magic meaning.”

(Sutta Samyutta, SN VI.1 – Requesting to open the Dharma)

However, when someone looks at the Buddha’s eyes from afar with his curved nose and white feathers between his eyebrows, they think of a butterfly with large fluttering wings. What a strange idea!

Museum where the footprints of Buddha Lumbini (Nelpal) are still preserved

Museum where the footprints of Buddha Lumbini (Nelpal) are still preserved

… Goodbye Lumbini, out of the gate, I still looked back into the Buddha’s eyes. Although I don’t think Buddha’s big lotus-shaped eyes are butterfly wings, I feel like they are staring at me. And my heart is also struggling. I have to return to the rose bush without knowing when I will return to the Buddha land, to see His eyes open wide to look at me, wide open to preach the miracle.

Please pay respects to the Buddha’s Eye. Respectfully pay homage to the One, whose appearance “is the appearance of the great eye, the appearance of great light, the appearance of great clarity, the appearance of the six unsurpassed ones, the realization of the four unobstructed solutions, the communication of many precepts. , is the communication of the differential precepts, is the realization of insight and liberation, is the realization of stream-entry fruition, is the realization of the fruit of One-return, the realization of the fruit of Non-returner, the realization of the fruit of A. -la-han…” (Sutra Samyutta – Samyutta Brahma).


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