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For thousands of years, since this world learned of the existence of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, I don’t know how many people are fortunate enough to see his true body – sambhogakaya, or at least see him. with the same image we are worshiping.

People often look forward to the sacred and mysterious in Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. Due to the mind of greed, delusion, seeking and not understanding the reason for dependent origination, not creating the corresponding good causes and conditions, we cannot contact the bodhisattva. Because the delusional mind is always directed to illusory things, it also does not receive a message from Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.

If we think that Bodhisattvas will perform miracles, sprinkle orange juice to put out fires, prevent floods, end wars, change people’s hearts and minds, and make the world peaceful and peaceful, then we will never.” know” to be a bodhisattva, because those things are only in our minds, not real.

For thousands of years, since this world learned of the existence of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, I don’t know how many people are fortunate enough to see his true body – sambhogakaya, or at least see him. with the same image we are worshiping. It is also believed that, on some occasion, they may have met someone who is his incarnation. But in general, you must be a person with merit and virtue, with a predestined relationship with a Bodhisattva to meet him. Must be a cultivator with a high level of wisdom to be able to see his dharmakaya. And the average person, thanks to the blessing and mental behavior corresponding to the bodhisattva’s vows, met his incarnation. In addition, it is impossible to meet based on faith alone, as evidenced by many people praying and worshiping the Bodhisattva without receiving his blessing, because they have no good roots, no blessings, no has a mind that corresponds to that of a bodhisattva.

However, the message of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara is different. With boundless compassion, the Bodhisattva sends his message to everyone. The message of the Bodhisattva is not specifically addressed to anyone. Not only for those who believe in him, worship him, but send them together to everyone who has a predestined relationship to meet his image, encounter scriptures written about him or hear other people’s praise. praise him, regardless of whether one believes or does not believe in the existence of bodhisattvas.

A dignified statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara in the campus of Hue Nghiem Pagoda (District 2, Ho Chi Minh City) – Photo: Bao Toan

What is that message? The image of the Bodhisattva, the scriptures describing his body and behavior, and his vows are the messages of compassion, selflessness, altruism, generosity, diligence, patience, etc.

The popular image that the world worships is the image of him standing or sitting on a lotus, holding a willow branch in his right hand (yang chi) and his left hand holding a pure vase (a clean, pure vase containing orange juice – a type of water that is used in the world). sweet and delicious). This image is sketched according to the scriptures about him.

Through the bodhisattva image, we receive a message about compassion, equanimity, selflessness, altruism, generosity, diligence, and patience. Where there is compassion and patience, there is Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. Where there is a spirit of no-self, altruism, self-sacrifice to serve, dedicate (effort giving) for the peace and happiness of mankind and sentient beings, there is Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. When the mind is not-self, there is no calamity that causes people to suffer, whether it is disease, water, fire or war. And where there is hatred, greed, anger and delusion, pride and jealousy, there are wars, calamities, calamities, and afflictions in the human mind, which are the clues leading to awareness and understanding. behavior that causes suffering to oneself and others. War, habitat destruction due to human deforestation, toxic gas emissions, toxic water, all of these dangers arise from greed, anger, and delusion.

What does the image of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara with the body of a popular female worshiped say? Man’s personality trait is the desire for power and fame while the woman – a gentle mother – has the virtues of patience, sacrifice, devotion, and love. But love, tolerance is part of the expression of compassion, joy and equanimity (the four immeasurable hearts); diligence, dedication is the virtue of diligence; patience, patience is patience; The spirit of self-sacrifice, self-sacrifice, living for others is the spirit of selflessness, altruism, which is the perfection of giving.

The willow branch represents patience; Pure water nectar symbolizes compassion. Patience and compassion always go hand in hand. With patience there is compassion, with compassion there is patience. The willow branch does not break in the face of wind, rain and storms because of the soft factor, as well as the gentleness and endurance of patience: patience in all circumstances, patience before all objects, no psychological attitude dissatisfaction, resistance due to anger, delusion. That’s why the mind is calm, cool, and pleasant like pure nectar. “Lo” or “reveal” is cool dew, “orange” is juicy. The nectar or nectarine is a cool, juicy drink. When the mind gives rise to afflictions, anger and hatred, people feel like they are being burned by fire and are very uncomfortable and miserable. But thanks to compassion, anger in the mind no longer exists, just as fire is extinguished by the pure water of nectar.

Out of compassion should be patient. Through patience, compassion is cultivated. Compassion and patience are closely related, this is the quality of the sages and bodhisattvas. So when we contemplate the image of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, we can read the message the Bodhisattva sent to us, we must learn his compassion and patience. Compassion and patience towards everyone, under all circumstances.

The image of a Bodhisattva standing or sitting on a lotus is a beautiful image, it is another message the Bodhisattva sends to us. The lotus is pure, close to the mud but does not smell like mud, symbolizing the immaculate mind. The lotus flower also symbolizes the gentleman, the great man, having a great influence on many people and the social community, just as the lotus has the ability to make the water where it grows clean. Lotus purification makes that water area no longer cloudy and polluted.

Bodhisattvas are liberated saints, immaculate ones. Liberation is no longer being bound by afflictions, suffering, samsara, being free, coming and going without hindrance. The immaculate is no longer clinging, no longer contaminated with the five senses, the six sense objects. Bodhisattvas are pure saints, so in order to meet Bodhisattvas and to contact Bodhisattvas, sentient beings’ minds must be pure, and must be compatible with his mind and conduct.


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