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It’s the turn of poisonous snakes: For me, anger is the most painful, when angry, I don’t care about relatives and often harm myself and others. Anger for a moment destroys forever. Did you notice that?

In that quiet mountain and forest there were four animals, surrounded by the cable bird, the crow, the snake, and the deer. One night they wondered to each other, what is heavier in all the sufferings in life?

The pointed-mouthed crow had the first opinion:

Hunger and thirst are the most painful, when hungry and thirsty, the body is sick, the eyes are blurred, the heart is restless, the mind is always worried. Therefore, when the body is forced to fall into the net, it is impossible to avoid the sharp arrow. We die because of hunger and thirst.

The cable bird shook his head and refused to say:

In my opinion, still nothing! Lust is the most miserable. Whenever lust is forced, there is no place that is not thought of. That’s why he was in danger of dying. It is the most harmful, death is enough to live, but if you live, your name is buried and others are despised.

Eight sufferings in the world everyone must experience


It’s the snake’s turn:

As for me, anger is the most painful thing, when I am angry, I don’t care about my relatives and sometimes harm myself and others. Anger for a moment destroys forever. Did you notice that?

Finally, the gentle and innocent deer spoke up:

I think fear is the worst, I am in the forest, my heart is always nervous and afraid of hunters, hounds, wolves, whenever I hear a faint sound, I will run away and sell. died, his intestines were broken, leaving both mother and child. Sometimes falling into a pit, falling into a pit, getting bogged down, legs can no longer move, dangerous to even life.

It is a talk about being able to escape, if you are always lucky, you will not die by bullets, you will die from dog bites, die from lobsters and leopards. So, compared to what my friends say, fear is the most dangerous of all.

Until now, Bhikkhu Tinh Tan Luc listened to the whole story. He invited the four animals to come near and said:

What you have just said is only the ultimate suffering, not to mention the root suffering. The suffering in the world is nothing like the Body. The body is an object to contain all suffering, so we give up monasticism to practice the Way, precisely because we want to destroy the idea of ​​skewing, not being greedy. body of four elements The purpose of deceit is to end the source of suffering.


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