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Dissolve afflictions

If we look a little deeper, like the body, emotions, perception, mind and perception of a person are also formed by a combination of conditions, there is no separate self, there is no real nature, there is no real existence, then we will reduce Attachment and gradually come to no longer cling to anything, the mind is peaceful and optimistic. Root of sadness From greed Four great conditions of birth…

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Transform the mind of afflictions into a pure mind

Transforming the evil afflictions of the hungry ghost hell into the pure mind of the saints in Amitabha’s Land of Ultimate Bliss, by planting the six words “Namo Amitabha Buddha” every day in our minds. Children recite Buddha’s name Why should we recite Buddha’s name? And what is Buddha’s name for? We recite the Buddha’s name to transform the ordinary mind into the Buddha mind, transform suffering into peace, transform…

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Afflictions and vices

Humans all have defilements, when they become habits, the feelings of afflictions gradually cease to exist, leaving only the phenomenon of afflictions, which is also a bad habit. Like a person who values ​​money like his life, seeing money like hunger and thirst, as soon as he sees money, he wants to take it for himself; This feeling of hunger is afflictive. If a person often has such a feeling…