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Beautiful mind, beautiful face

Any good fortune has its natural origin, just as wealth will come from doing charity, nobility will come from humility, beautiful appearance will come from mildness and kindness. . Keep your mind clean People after middle age will reveal the appearance formed by the influence of personality in this life. People who are tolerant and kind will mostly have a kind face. People with a gentle temperament will be gentle…

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How do Buddhists learn to have a beautiful appearance?

People who are joyful, peaceful, calm, tolerant and full of love, the beauty on their inherent appearance is multiplied by the energy of joy and harmony, very approachable and friendly. . At one time, the Blessed One was staying at Sàvatthi, at Jetavana, at Anathapindika’s monastery. A young man, Subha Todeyyaputta, went to the Blessed One and, after greeting and greeting him, sat down to one side and said to…