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Preface to ‘Buddha in a Backpack’

‘A really important point that Ikeda constantly emphasizes is that it is entirely up to us young people to steer the changes and create this new world. At the age of nineteen, deeply frustrated by my inability to navigate life and bewildered by the direction the modern world seemed to be headed, I began to practice Buddhism. It seemed to be the only philosophy that acknowledged the mystery and wonder…

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Answering young people’s questions in the 21st century

Buddha in a Backpack is a wonderful book, giving a fresh perspective on life and all the little but important things in today’s youth. Have you ever thought and asked yourself the question “who am I in this life” and “what am I born to do”? We all have times when we are sad and unsatisfied. Those are the times when we easily fall, get angry, or question our own…