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Buddha gave up everything to have it all

If only read the title, many people would think that Buddha was also an ordinary person. Yes, He was very ordinary, but it was in doing those ordinary things that He became extraordinary. Let’s read and think about what He gave up and got? The palace of gold, the palace of pearls, the ultimate authority, the luxurious silks, the servants, the delicious food, the affluent family… these things must have…

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The story of Buddha Shakyamuni’s ordination

At the age of 16, King Tinh San’s father held a wedding ceremony for the Crown Prince and Princess Yasodhara. The city of Kapilavastu was filled with joy, while the Crown Prince, his heart was sad, and his face was sharp. But coincidentally, like the Crown Prince, the Princess is a pure soul and does not like to get married. Since then, the Crown Prince and Princess have lived together…